Down to 3 teams?

According to the Detroit Free Press, Peter Forsberg is said to be down to 3 teams that would make him renounce his no-trade clause…

The chosen teams would be Detroit, Anaheim and Montreal.

The reasons could be (according to me):

Anaheim: Obvious Stanley Cup Contender
Detroit: ALOT of Swedish there. Lidstrom, Holmstrom, Zetterberg, etc.
Montreal: Maybe he’d like to be back in the Quebec area where he began his career with the Nordiques

Here’s the link :


Will those teams package an interesting enough offer to make Philly pull the trigger?

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  1. EasternHockey says:

    According to Darren Dreger () Holmgren is only interested in trading him to the west.

  2. habswinthecup-again says:

     Dreger is an idiot, I don't know why the hell TSN hired him or Domi. Having said that I hope the Habs do not get Forsberg.

  3. Saku_Koivu11 says:

    I think Vancouver is in it too

  4. linnekHABS says:

    This would be a big risk for Mtl but honestly don't mind if it comes at the price of Perzoghin and a draft pick (even a first rounder) Mtl has enough talent in their youth and so we can afford to give away a first or second round pick.  Having forsberg in the habs uni. would definitely make us a contender.  He could finally be the star player we have been missing!

  5. mtl_prince says:

    i would say vancouver over montreal…pls dont waste a peice of our future in a forsburg trade mr. gainey!!!!!!

  6. WhamBamCam says:

    Ya Vancouver is in. They have a Swedish contingent too. Plus he’s best buds with Nazzy

  7. EasternHockey says:

    Yeah, I know Dreger is an idiot.  Just that most of these rumors are about as credible as he is anyways.

  8. blarneylad says:

    perezhogin will lead the team in points one day, its only his 2nd season

  9. blarneylad says:

    man..dreger is way more credible then healy, healy is the bigest tool almost a worse anouncer then harry neale (thats saying something) and mcguire is a big jerk as well

  10. nonhl2005 says:

    Foppa and R. Jones for Bobby Ryan. That is the only deal I would make. Anaheim is very close this year and next year, well, who knows. They should grab the chance while they have it and not expect to be contenders for years to come.

  11. rangers914 says:

    perezohigin isnt enough for forsberg even with a 1st round pick montreal will have to probally give up perezhogin PLUS a 1st or 2nd rounder PLUS a prospect

  12. TheCraziestDude says:

    Perezhogin and Samsonov and a 1st rounder?  Philly's looking to get something out of Forsberg

  13. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Especially with Selanne getting up in age.

  14. LeafsJaysRapsBillsManU says:

    If Bobby Ryan is available, I think Holmgren should jump on it. I think a pick will still need to be part of the equation here on the Ducks' end.

  15. nonhl2005 says:

    Actually, the more I think about this the more I think a pick should go the other way. Peter and a conditional pick for Bobby Ryan. The condition is if the Flyers sign Forsberg back after the season then Anaheim get's a #1  in 08 and if he doesn't sign with the Flyers it's a late pick and if re-signs with Anaheim it's no pick. I think Ryan is worth a #1 since I don't see the Flyers being in the bottom 3 next season.

  16. BlueNBurgundy1933 says:

    any body bored, this is similar to the NHL GM game some of you might have played, but it's slightly different.

    check it out.

  17. Kraut182 says:

    Nobody wants Samsonov, if they did they would have picked him up on waivers.

  18. modk09 says:

    while its true no one wants him, the waiver thing had more to do with cap space. even if a team wanted him, few have that kind of room for next season

  19. neilios says:

    Where is the Canucks in the top 3???It is believed that Holmgern and the Flyers are very interested in Schnider of the Canucks goalie Prospect but dont know who else they would have to give up in the deal but hope its not Morrison.
    In other news the Hockey Central panel today on Sportsnet is saying that the Sharks are very close to landing Jason Blake of the Islanders for Bernier or Vlasek,Georges,and a high pick.

  20. thatleafsguy says:

    Brad Stuart and Wayne Primeau have just been dealt from the Bruins to the Flames for Chuck Kobasew, Andrew Ference and a pick according to the Fan 960 in Calgary.

  21. BieksaForMVP says:

    Wasn't Stuart supposed to get traded for a player in the same class as Joffrey Lupul? Yeah they Ference, and Kobesew, and they had to put Primeau in that deal too.

  22. EasternHockey says:

    Maybe you misread the article.  The article stated that PETER FORSBERG was interested in three teams, not Holmgren.

  23. lockedge says:

    What Holmgren and Foppa are interested in can be different.

    Also, the Sharks had better not trade bernier/vlasic and a high pick. Yes, the Sharks are very good this year, but next year they'll be much better. Their team is very young, and their Dmen are entering their prime years. There's no reason to drop a 2nd line RW and a potential top 3 dman for a player that mark Bell will be next year once he gets all the legal business behind him. If I were Doug Wilson, and the Islanders asked for Bernier/Vlasic, a high pick AND Gorges, I'd say they'd better throw Tambellini or Nilsson in along with Blake in order to keep a serious trade negotiation going, because Blake is like Darcy Tucker. A grinding 2nd-3rd liner who's half-decent at prodding goalies out of the way so that a puck can go through. Plus, the guy's 33 or something, so he's either at the tail end of his prime, or past it. No way Wilson would screw his team's future over, even IF they are weak on the left.

  24. EasternHockey says:

    A piece of our future?  Who?  Perezhogin?  And a 1st or 2nd round pick?  We have enough prospects.  Having been injured for half the season, he's got 1 point fewer than Kovalev (who's our 3rd highest scorer), on the league's worst team.  If we expect to make the playoffs this year, then something's gotta change.

  25. PastParticiple says:

    Hi Guys, let me explain why I would go after Forsberg if I were Gainey

    We'll need a salary exchange … fine  with Samsonov – Perezoghin and a 1rst ronder or another prospect or Aebischer … we would have space for next year if Forsberg do not sign with Montreal, to sign Souray – Markov – Rivet.

    For Sure we'll need to get rid of a 1rst rounder … but we have enough god prospect in Hamilton.

    Go for Forsberg, Bob, we need to get things shaked up

  26. Flyers_Fan_In_LA says:

    With no forsberg and a solid top line – why would a preium player want to come to the Flyers? Chara makes bank in Boston but has hurt his career by playing on a doormat. If Forsberg stays, the Flyers get to keep the draw for other player and with the salary they have dumped – they will have plenty of money to spend in the off-season.

    With that said – NOW is the time to get max value for Forsberg. I think the team that might pop for him is Nashville and if Radolov is on the table – Holgren might have to at least listen. With Sid and Malkin in state and Backstrom, Ovheckin and Semin down the freeway – the Flyers don't have the premium kids like other doormat teams (think the kings). The problem is – the premium in the NHL is on scoring d-men and Nashville has them. Forget picks, those are 17 year old kids that are 4 years away from playing. Shea Webber is SCORING now. If Webber and Radulov were on the table – you would have to consider moving Forsberg plus to get them. To use a fantasy term – that is one hell of a keeper team for the Flyers. For Nashville, they address their POOR attendance issues by becoming a legit contender with Foppa (assuming he can stay healthy).
    Mike Richards should be availible to any contending team looking to cover their prospect downside. Having scored his 3rd goal all season – he has proved to us all that he stinks compared to the talent every other team has coming up. He does however have some trade value assuming the Flyers were to get a better prospect or pick coming up…
  27. BieksaForMVP says:

    Don’t worry none of Neilios tardes have ever happend. Honestly.

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