Dunham Set to be Starter

Nashville Predators goalie, Mike Dunham, is having a pretty good week. Just a couple of days after signing a brand new contract with his NHL team, his country has named him to its’ Olympic squad as well. Being the first goalie inked to the 2002 team should make Dunham the leading candidate to be the starter in Salt Lake City.
Of course Mike Richter’s health and performance, between now and February, will be the only thing standing in Dunham’s way of being Team USA’s #1 goalie. Apparently Richter is feeling well enough that he has, or will soon be, able to have on ice sessions again.

Even so, in comparison to the netminding of the other 6 big nations, the USA team has the weakest goaltending. Canada will have Roy/Cujo/Brodeur, the Czech’s have Hasek/Cechmanek, Sweden has Tommy Salo, and Khabibhulin wears Russia’s colors. Finland’s netminding comes mostly from non-NHL’ers but may be better suited to international play than most. Dunham’s biggest upside is that he has two Olympics under his belt already as well.


Writer for the Oilers and the 2002 Olympics.