Edmonton Oilers and Los Angeles Kings have talked “very seriously” about a Sam Gagner trade

This just in, Hockey Night in Canada’s top hockey reporter Elliotte Friedman  on the Fan 960 in Calgary: “The one move, I kind of hear, has been talked about to some degree and looked close at one point, although I don’t know what happened, is Sam Gagner, and I think L.A. has some interest in him.


“I think there is a couple of moving parts there including are the Oilers willing to take a key part of the salary to make that work from a cap point of view. But I do think the Kings have some legitimate interest in Gagner and I think those two teams have talked very seriously.”


That would be a big price tag, woud it not, the Fan 960 host asked?


“I don’t know how big the price tag would be. I don’t know the answers to that. I don’t think the Kings want to give up too many guys off their roster, becausee I think they see themselves very similar to how they were in 2012. Like, remember ,when they traded for Jeff Carrter they were 29th in the league in goals and they got hot and they won the Stanley Cup and so I think what they kind of look like, ‘We’re the same kind of team right now, we want to add as opposed to subtract, which is why I think taking money might be part of the issue here because the Kings probably want to give up someone or something that won’t’take away too much from their current roster.”