Eric Brewer on the move??????

Oilers look to brew up blue-liner deal.
Calgary landed Brad Stuart so now GM Kevin Lowe has to look elsewhere for defencemen

Scrap Plan A.

Now that the Calgary Flames got Boston Bruins free-agent defenceman Brad Stuart, the Edmonton Oilers are likely setting their sights on Eric Brewer.

That’s Plan B, as rentals go.

St. Louis Blues team president John Davidson had one feeling-out conference call with Brewer’s agent Don Meehan last week, but no numbers were exchanged. With St. Louis giving Buffalo Sabres free agent Jay McKee $16 million over four years last July, it’s not a stretch that the former Oiler Brewer, who’s been used as the team’s shut-down defenceman since Andy Murray came in as coach, is thinking the same ballpark. It might be more, though.

How much do the Oilers give up for a guy who might be looking for $4 million or more, though. Could they even sign him in July? Maybe they only offer prospects, not roster players.


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  1. thegoalie1976 says:

    I'm trying to remember when Brewer thought he played like a $4 million dollar d-man. I can't remember with any of his 3 teams, him playing that well.

    He should be signed for 1 year $2.5 mill, then see how he plays.

  2. Saku_Koivu11 says:

    Edmonton needs to become sellers and try for the playoffs next year. They should try and land their star defenceman this offseason. They have good scoring ability and a good goalie but they just dont have the defense you need to be a contender.

  3. thegoalie1976 says:


    I think Lowe should

    1. Resign Smyth to his 5 mil / 6 year deal (give him the "C")
    2. Trade Sykora 3 mil, Smith 2 mil, Tjarnqvist 1.6 mil,  Nedved 0.6, and Torres for young guys and prospects.

    This would free up some cap space to sign 2 d-men in the summer.
    3. Target Brewer, Morris, Rivet, Souray and others in the offseason.

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