I know this has been covered before, but ESPN and ABC’s coverage has become ridiculous. It’s become unbearable! It’s hard to even enjoy a game.I’ve been to many Web Sites and noticed that 99% of NHL fans have very strong distaste for ESPN/ABC broadcast team Gary Thorne and Bill Clement. These 2 NO TALENT A** CLOWNS need to be replaced. I’ve heard of numerous people either watching their local broadcast or when necesarry watching ESPN with the volume down and listening to the radio. So I thought to myself, “Now if we can’t stand them, why do ESPN and ABC?” So I found a comment page for ESPN and ABC and here it is

I’m posting this on every site I can find and hopefully ABC and ESPN will get swamped with comments and get the message. Personally I don’t mind Darren Pang. Dave Strader is a great play by play man, I think Al Michaels would do a good job on the ABC broadcast (anybody remember “The Miracle On Ice” call?). All in all the NHL coverage could be alot better! NHL FANS STAND UP AND BE HEARD!!!!!!

Pete aka Hockeytown

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