Should Flyers re-acquire Jaromir Jagr?

On his 41st birthday, Jagr was asked if he was considering retirement. He answered by saying he’d continue to play as long as he could in the NHL, equating his love of the game to marriage.

“Would you have imagined you’re going to stay with your wife that long?” Jagr told the Dallas Morning News. “Well, you love her. You’re going to stay with her as long as you can. If you don’t, there’s no reason to be with her. It’s the same thing with hockey for me. I just love the game.”

Jagr will consider re-signing there, but wants to wait and see in the summer – much like he did with the Flyers before jetting to Dallas for $4.5 million.

Jagr’s goal has always been to win the Stanley Cup. This year, Dallas is not the place to do that.

Knowing that he may eventually lose a non-commital Jagr in free agency for nothing, Nieuwendyk needs to decide whether its in the Stars’ best interest to get a draft pick in return before the deadline.

ESPN’s Pierre LeBrun reported Dallas is “undecided” on what to do with Jagr, and that it likely depends on the quality of the offers Nieuwendyk receives.

If you’re Paul Holmgren, is sending a third round pick (which could essentially end up being a late second rounder depending on where the Flyers finish) worth seeing if Jagr is exactly what the Flyers are missing?

For my money, Jagr changes everything about the way Giroux plays the game. Jagr is able to win battles along the boards, hang onto the puck and find the open man. He is strong and commands respect from defenses, even at his advanced age.