Forsberg close to retirement?

The Courier Post on-line is reporting that Forsberg may be close to retirement.

Forsberg tried to make a return to the ice earlier this week in Europe but after a short period of time on the ice he had to leave, apparently the surgical procedures that he has gone through did not work as well as planned. He told reporters that ”he has never been so close to retirement.”

HTR believes that it is really too bad for both Forsberg and the NHL. Forsberg has undergone much pain and has undertaken a ton of surgeries in order to correct his foot problem that has plagued him in a significant way for the past several years.

HTR feels that credit must be given to Forsberg for trying to make a return despite not working out as planned. He did not sign with a NHL team and create a ton of hype only to let that team and those fans down. Forsberg acted like a true professional and silently went about his business.

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