Four Articles In One

Titles of Articles:

1) “San Jose 22 Year Old Prospect Killed in an Automobile Accident”

2) “The Way The WEST Will Look”

3) “How Is Dallas Now?”

4)”Leafs After Brind’Amour?”

Authors: CrazyStarsFan10, jovosmillie, chandler(2)San Jose 22 year old prospect killed in killed in an automobile accident reports that Zoltan Batovsky, a prospect in the San Jose Sharks organization, was killed in an automobile accident in Austria on Wednesday night.

Batovsky had 28 points in 79 games for the Kentucky Thoroughblades of the American Hockey League last season, his first as a professional. Kentucky was the Sharks’ top farm team.

Written by: CrazyStarsFan10

The way the WEST will look

Hey I’m putting my prediction’s on the way the west will end up, and here they are:




4.San Jose




8.Los Angeles

L.A will only make the 8 spot if Deadmarsh and Potvin perform like they did in the playoffs, and if this is the way it’s gonna end up i think will see the best matchup’s we’ve seen in a LONG time.

There would be a very good chance of an upset in every series, Vancouver and San Jose would be a toss up, Edmonton and Dallas would be there typical battle series, Detroit got knocked out in the first round last year so i wouldn’t be surprised if it happened again, and L.A Colorado i think would be just like last year’s western semi’s

Just some few ideas. What do you think?

Written by: jovosmillie

How Is dallas Now?

With a busy offseason the Dallas Stars’ roster has changed dramatically.
Hull was let go and Keane ran off to St. Louis.
The additions dallas made include forwards Valeri Kamensky, Pierre Turgeon and Donald Audette. On defence Jyrki Lumme was picked up. Goaltending remains the same with Ed Belfour and Marty Turco.
When you look at it Dallas has a powerful line up, especially if Kamensky and Audette can produce some big goals. We all know Turgeon and Lumme will produce as they are great offensive players.
On forward they have the likes of:

Modano, Turgeon, Nieuwendyk, Morrow, Langenbrunner, Lehtinen, Audette, Sim, Kamensky, Muller, Hogue, Marshall, Mann and Hogue.

On defence they have Lumme, Sydor, Zubov, Hatcher, Mativchuk and Lukowich.

This is one good team. One can argue how they will do but they are clearly the most improved team by getting the most without giving up that much. The loss of Keane will hurt in the playoffs though, and the same can go for Hull.
Some even are saying they should go after a tough enforcer-role player type to finish off their lines. A Scott Mellanby type player would be very welcome on this team. Last year’s “grumpy old men” line wore out too fast. Having a better checking line is vital to a great playoff run. A shot blocking forward would also be great. But all Dallas should do is keep looking for some playoff performers. But I believe that will happen closer to the trade deadline rather than tomorrow.

Written by: chandler

Leafs after Brind’Amour?

With Rod Brind’Amour receiving a one year deal, the Carolina Hurricanes GM Paul Maurice stated he wants to either sign Brind’Amour to a long term deal or trade him in fears of losing him to Unrestricted Free Agency next year.

The Leafs could be in the running for Brind’Amour. Although no real rumors have been started, it’s safe to say Quinn has thought about it. Acquiring Brind’Amour would be an excellent pick up. His leadership and dedication to hockey would be an excellent addition to the new look Leafs. He could center the second line and then move Reichel to LW and put Mogilny on his right.

In return for Brind’Amour I can see the Leafs trading Aki Berg and Nik Antropov along with Alyn McCauley. Although loosing Berg would be a big loss, I feel the Leafs need to make room on defence for a tough-checking defenceman. I would deal Hoglund to Pittsburgh for Kasparaitis. This would give the Pens some much needed cheap scoring.

McCauley and Antropov would give Carolina a pair of young centers to build around. Also this deal would make room on the forward lines to bring up Farkas and Boyes. These 2 young players can easily replace McCauley and Antropov given the chance.

So here could be the new team:








I hope both these deals could happen. This team looks great and could really do some major damage come playoff time.

Written by: chandler