From what I've heard and the Possibilities

Well Rumors just keep changing for the Canadiens eveyrday, who will be coming the Montreal and become the Next big name to play for The Habs? I thik we can all agree that none of us ahve a clue really, but there are some hints going around and I’m trying to piece them together. In the end we all know that I will be way off because when you think Gainey is going to od something he does the opposite. But here’s what I think may be happening

I’ve been hearing that Montreal is tlkaing to the L.A. Kings about the Slovak Visnovski who is a fantastic Defensemen and can put up points. But why do the Canadiens want another D? they already ahve an overstock of them and they need to get rid of what they have so far. The L.A. Kings are apparently asking for Begin, a prospect and a draft or so Eklund says (but who can really always trust him). At the same time the Sharks are also interested in Visnovski because they’re D isnt the best.

Now one would believe that Monteal may be interesed in landing Visnovski and then trade him off with some other players (the obvious who would be in the mix as everyone says: Ryder, Halak) for Marleau. But this is just what I’m thinking and I could be way off, which I probably am but I expect that the Habs are going to land a centre before training camp.

So tell me what you think and if its a good deal for the Habs and sharks.

(please remeber this is if Montreal lands Visnovski in a trade)

To Montreal:

To San Jose:

P.S. I really wouldnt wan to see Begin gone… would you?