Gainey is willing to pay big.

Gainey is not willing to part with any first round pick and/or future prospects without having an insurance plan.

Atlanta has made it clear that they are interested in some of Montreals young guns. Any hab fan thinking it’s a Ryder /Hossa deal, your dreaming.

Atlanta needs are at center, and on defence.

The fact that Gainey is trying to extend Hossa’s contract and offering him around the same amount offered to Briere this summer cleary states that Gainey is will to give up something big.
“Chipchura, Yamelin, and a firstround pick for Hossa is what I hearing.

In other hab news, Ryder will be moved unfortunatly it looks like a waiver move. Gainey has put him on the market and is listening to any offers, the problem is that there are no offers. Nobody seems to want a sad puppy with his tail between his legs and have to give up anything for it. Gainey will wait a week or so and then send him to Hamilton.