Gilmour set to become a Leaf!!

The Toronto Star and TSN’s web site are reporting that there have been talks to bring Doug Gilmour to Toronto. Both are reporting that the deal could be done in the next two weeks. Gilmour said Thursday morning that the two sides have talked and that it would be a great fit for both the Leafs and him.

I for one think that he would at best fit only on the 3rd line center. But the thought of the Leafs having Sundin,Reichel,Gilmour,and Antropov(providing he sticks with the big club and doesn’t get moved out by someone else) would look real nice.

In last years playoff Gilmour looked real good and was the Sabres best center on some nights. Also his grit would be welcomed since Thomas was lost. With Sundin in tight as the Leafs captain , Gilmour would not be a threat to his leadership. Also Gilmour is a longtime friend to Gary Roberts and the two have been really close since their days in Calgary. Gilmour would bring both grit and leadership to this Leaf team and would be a nice fit.