Habs Lineup For 2007-2008

The Gazette has released what looks to be like the final lines for this upcoming season. Although they may change, these are the most likely lines.

Personally, I love the way these lines are looking. I admit, I predicted that Kovalev would play top line with Koivu and Ryder, but due to his recent chemistry with Kostitsyn, I’m very excited. Latendresse, IMO, is not a third line player. But where else can we put him. You have to agree that our first 2 lines can’t be changed unless a trade takes place. Another surprise is Kostopoulos playing on the third line. He does provide grit and speed, but I was nearly 100% sure that he would be playing with Begin and Lapierre this season. Oh well, atleast Chipchura has finally arrived. Pat Hickey didn’t specify the D lines, so these are purely my opinions. I have two different lineups.
And in nets, Huet will be strting the year. The real enigma is who will be #2 or perhaps #1b. Certainly Halak is the favorite for backup, but Carbonneau might also consider splitting time between Price and Huet. Another possibility is Huet and Danis starting off, Halak gets shipped, and Price dominates in the AHL. Worst comes to worst, the Habs don’t make the playoffs (knock on wood) but the Bulldogs win the Calder.
What do you guys think?