Habs to make swap with Coyotes???

The latest out of Montreal say that the Habs are going to make a deal with the Coyotes.  The Habs would be sending David Aebischer, Sergei Samsonov and a second/third round pick to the desert, while the Coyotes would be sending David Leneveu and Ladislav Nagy in return.  This would be a swap of struggling players for both teams. Aebischer is not happy with riding the pine behind Cristobal Huet in Montreal, and in Phoenix he would have given the chance to be a number 1. Both Nagy and Samsonov have struggled this year for their respective teams. Samsonov has not scored in a month and Nagy was recently a healthy scratch and has been in Wayne Gretzky’s doghouse all season. As for the salary cap issue, Samsonov is making 3.5 million and Aebischer is making 1.9 million , while Nagy and Leneveu are making a combined 3.6 million, and this is why Montreal is including a relatively high draft pick. The only question mark is that the Habs are wondering about Ladislav Nagy’s health. They clearly won’t make a trade unless Nagy is 100% healthy.

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  1. navyseal19 says:

    I was just wondering where you got this info from, I really like samsonov and it would be a dissapointment to see him leave montreal… thank you

  2. hattrick44 says:

    HOLY CRAP. This rumor is ridiculos like i have said in other replys to articles about habs trading samsonov or souray. The habs will not trade any player with the siginficance of samsonov or souray. STOP WITH THESE DAMN RUMORS THEY MAKE NO SENSES. and why would pheonix send away nagy. And Nagy has no injure serious or non serious he was a scracth because gretzky want to get him playing the way he can. And he happend to get a goal and three assists last night

  3. mcflartzinhabs says:

    first of all where do you get these rumors?? please let me know cuz it does't make sense at all why would the canadien already abandon on samsonov  just got signed to a 2 year deal  … why would the canadien want to take leneveu ?? by trading aebischer the goal is to bring from the minors danis or halak and did we forget about CARY PRICE ,  come on bob gainey is not a stupid gm  he knows what he's doing ,he's 10 steps ahead of eveyone !!!

  4. Les-Habitants says:

    i agree with the comments above
    while, according to the Ottawa Sun and the Montreal Gazette, Gainey is looking to trade for a scoring center, that shouldn't come as any surprise seeing how thats what he was mainly looking for in the free agent market, and seeing how it really is the largest 'missing link.'

    Samsonov for sure has not been performing to the expections he was suppose to, and going goaless for so long is definitly not helping his cause.  But then again, the entire 2nd line has been an engima for a while.  Plekanec just doesn't seem ready, and it really looks like Kovalev's knee is getting to him more then he is letting on.

    I wouldn't say Aebisher is on the trade block yet, although I'm sure that is one of the pieces Gainey wouldn't mind moving, the other being one of our defenceman (the obvious choice being Ninnimaa, but he is also the hardest to move).

    But we ain't doing that bad yet, and if any trades coming they will becoming in the New Year at the earliest.

  5. prospectiv says:

    The deal sounds sweat to me!   Nagy is similar to Samsonov but has more talent.  The fact that he is going to be a free agent next season compensate that little gap.  Put Aebischer in the mix and your deal is pretty decent.  And for those who didnt get it, LeNeveu would replace Dannis in Hamilton, not take the backup role in Mtl!!!  You also have to be crazy to say that Samsonov is an untouchable!!!  Nagy can also play center so that would be a perfect fit.  The only thing though is his smallish stature…  but there is simply no big centers available at this point!  So lets get it on!!  I think it also depends a lot on if the Coyotes wants to make a pitch or not at the playoffs…

  6. bigscoup says:

    that trade would not help the habs….Nagy is not a good fit in montreal (nor is samsonov) but  if samsonov can play like he did for the bruins id rather see him stay….if not, dump his sorry azz for a 3.5 million top 4 D man and bring up our youth

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