Hamel put on Waivers

According to TSN.ca Denis Hamel has been put on waivers. This guy should be snatched up pretty fast.

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  1. Isles22 says:

    The islanders should pick him up and package Robitalle, Bates and a prospect/draft pick for a Someone not afraid to hit or be hit. Koslov can go as well if they can replace his scoring.

  2. Rysto says:
    If Hamel is picked up I'll eat my hat.  He's slow and useless.  Just another scoring star from the AHL who can't hack it in the NHL.
  3. DeathCab says:

    Please post a video of the hat eating on the off chance he is picked up 🙂

  4. Senatorsfan78 says:

    Does that mean that there is a trade in the works I would love to see a trade between the Florida Panthers and the Ottawa Senators I would like to see the Ottawa Senators get Gary Roberts and see Florida Panthers get a 3rd round draft pick and Brian Lee it would help out both teams!!!!

    Here is what the trade would like.

    To:Ottawa Senators
    Gary Roberts
    To:Florida Panthers
    Brian Lee
    3rd round draft pick

    What does everybody think?

  5. leaferdude2 says:

    too much i think.i LOVE gary but let’s be realistic here.a pick and a top prospect for a free agency/retirement bound winger who is still a very good asset isn’t a very good move.i would send them a 2nd round pick and maybe hamel if he isn’t picked up off of waivers.

  6. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    I love Roberts, and want him back, but this guy's *****ing crazy if he thinks Roberts is worth that.

    I've been hearing Roberts is as good as back in blue and white, and this time, there's no orange on it.


    I wouldn’t trade a water bottle for Gary Roberts. He’s USELESS! And the water bottle will do just as much on the bench as his leadership would…

  8. elkchaser_69 says:

    You cant be a sens fan if you would give up so much for an aging player. Only a leafs fan would suggest such a thing. Send the 3rd pick only to Florida for Roberts. Lee has a future in Ottawa when redden goes in a couple of years.

  9. Superman4452 says:

    really? snatched up pretty fast? the only thing ive seen him do this year is fly thru the air after dion phaneuf cranked him.

  10. Superman4452 says:

    thats alot for not much. gary roberts is great in the dressing room, sure, but brian lee has been touted as a part of the big three of american defencemen, johnson johnson and lee. if u want roberts, a pick and hamel sounds good. if ur gonna trade lee, get a guy that the sens can keep.

  11. adambuffalo says:

    Waiting for that video!!  It took what, 14 hours for him to get claimed?  Good call.

  12. broc says:

    What does everybody think?

    Everybody thinks if you were GM Ottawa would trade their best young players for 40 year olds.

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