Heartless Habs

Remember the days when no one wanted to come play in the Montreal Forum. Teams knew that they would be in for a very tough game. If you touched one of the habs, you would have to pay. Those days are long gone. Every Habs team that won a cup had a guy or 2 to clean your clock. The role players in Montreal are not playing their roles. Latendresse can’t be on your 3rd or 4th lines. Neither can Ryder. If Montreal has so many young prospects why do they have 8 defencemen in the lineup every night.

I Find that Chris Higgins talks a big game but rarely backs it up. I never see him hit, get in a scrum, come to the deffence of his teamates. A leader is supposed to lead by example and not wait for someone else to do it.

I feel bad for Saku Koivu, and I wouldn’t blame him if he wanted out of Montreal. He has been here for over 10 years and in that time he has had one all-star winger Mark Recchi.

When will the management of this team wake up. When Gainey,Carbo,Jarvis and Muller played here. They all had guys to do the dirty work

Wake up BOB

Komisarek has to be the next captain of the Habs

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  1. Habs_pm says:

    Not heartless…Just Unconfident.

    A few points Hab fans should remember:

    1)We have no 40+ Goal Scorer
    2)Most of the young players are developing (Don't rip Higgins, he works hard)
    3)Rookie coach who keeps shuffling his lines like a deck of cards
    4)Saku isn't a first line center, He can't do it by himself.
    5)We have no "enforcer" and no sandpaper(grit) on the team..

    There is alot more but whatever….

    Montreal fans need to be patient. The core of this team will change within the next 3 years. Montreal has a lot of UFAs in 2009 (Koivu&Kovalev)

    Anyone else notice that Plekanec is turning into quite a player?
    Thats proof of developing young talent in MTL.

  2. ChrisGoalie39 says:

    I understand where you’re going with this. But heart isn’t the right word.

    The Habs deffinately have heart, for they are a team with very minimal talent, yet post average points.

    But I agree the Habs players aren’t off to that great of a start with our highest point-getter on pace to 68 points, 34 Goals & 34 Assists(Kovalev). There are a few players showing no heart, like Ryder… hope he gets back on track… R.I.P 30-goal season, R-I-P.

    And habs pm also had a very true point on Carbonneau shuffling his lines, which was also very funny :D.. hehe. Anyways, I think Carbo didn’t realize that when he shuffled his lines that one game :D, putting Latty with Higgy and Koivu, that Latty had a great game and sparked that line. It’s perfect, three un-selfish players, one a Power Forward, one a Sniper and obviously a Playmaker centering the line. IT’S PERFECT. Latty was tanking in the corners, getting the puck and either putting it right on the tape of Higgins’ stick in the slot or Koivu in the blue ice :D…

    Those three players have heart and maybe he’ll shuffle his lines like that again and realized it works perfectly.

    Oh, tonight’s line-up against the Lightning……




    Say wha!?!?! Dandenault!? hehe line shuffle, but he did play well the other night in Boston with Higgy and Koivu

  3. yarfangor says:

    Line shuffles are just an act of desperation. Carbo doesn't know what to do anymore, the interviews with RDS and him are just hilarious. They bring up the same points, and when he can't have an explanation he points the finger at his all star defense, and Higgins.  I honestly think Ryder doesn't even take things seriously anymore. I saw him on the bench, the others were watching the game, and for some reason he was laughing,having a grand ol time. Gainey is bringing this team down. They have alot of potential (Higgins, A.Kostitsyn, S.Kostitsyn, Kovalev, O'Byrne, Max.P, Lapierre, Plecanec, Grabovski, PRICE) but they have no franchise player, no impact player to bring that talent out. Lecavalier is amazing, he brought out the talent in Prospal. Before Prospal was an OK player. Now hes doing well. We need a player like Vinny. So Bob has to get over what happened with his Daughter, yes its tragic, but it happened, its over. He has to focus more on his team that is slumping out of the playoffs before December. As far as it goes MTL is just repeating what happened last February, only this time its going to hurt MTL alot more.

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