Hockey Pool & Respect

I would appreciate if every HTR member could read this. We understand that there have been some problems with the hockey pool and they are being fixed, and everything should be fine now. If any problems occur, report them immediately to me,, or TradeMan,

When you sign up for the hockeypool, you will receive an e-mail in 2 days the most, with the password. If all the player fields don’t upload, then there could be something wrong with your server, connection, or PC. If you signed up more than once, do notify us so we can delete the unused teamnames.

A side note, we will not accept rude e-mails complaining about the HTR and its hockey pool. If you have a problem with the site, then I can only give you one good suggestion, don’t sign up.

This hockeypool is for HTR and its members. We’re not trying to compete with other hockeypools. It’s suppose to be a fun event, part of the site, part of the HTR members. If you want to be off the list, notify us with a mature manner. We do not tolerate immature/rude remarks on this site.

We will help you with any problems on the hockeypool, and we’re more than willing to do that, because we want you (HTR members) to have fun. This is not for me, TradeMan, or Puckboy. It’s for you and the site. Enjoy, and have fun. HTR members make this site fun, interesting, and better. This hockeypool is like a little reward for HTR members to have a little fun, be competative with other HTR members, and the best of the best will win a prize.

Thank you all,

Micki Peroni

p.s If you already registered for hockeypool and have a password, this is the site.