How much to lock up Higgins, Plekanec and komisarek???

This article is to clarified the position of Gainey heading trough to the trade deadline.

By that i mean what kind of cap space will be available in the next two years so we can trade, prior to this year’s trade deadline, for a no.1 center with a long term contract. And the short term cap space will be directly affect by those 3 players new contract.

Since GM’a tend to sign long terms contract with there key players, how many years contract should Gainey offers to them???

If i was Gainey, i’d offer our ”big three” the same kind of contract.

How about:

32M$/7 years for Komi
and 32M$/8 years for both Higgy and Pleks.

Those contracts keep them with Montreal until they reach 32-33 years old, at a reasonnable price.