How Safe Is The Net?

Now that the majority of the major trades are completed and training camp is starting, most teams are welcoming the new players, remembering the ones that were traded. Then it’s back to practices, getting lines put together, seeing who had the best chemistry together, and the list goes on and
on.There are a few teams that either lost or gained a goalie, that in itself causes many problems. We know that Buffalo lost Hasek, Blues lost Turek, Detroit now has 2 goalies, both demanding lots of playing time. That’s fine and dandy and Detroit will figure it out. But here in Dallas, they got no new goalies or lost a goalie, they just gained a huge problem. What to do with Turco and Belfour this season? Both are good goalies, both deserve many accolades, but with all of that, how many
games will they each be able to play?

Last season Marty Turco, who was 13-6-1, had a goals against average and save percent most goalies would envy. He was second in the league in both categories. But isn’t that what you expect from a goalie that played a majority of his games versus teams below .500. The coaches are aware of this
and they plan to let him play this year against some of the better teams because he needs more of a challenge. But can he stand up to them? Last year he did pull the team through when Belfour left the team briefly early last January. He also let in four goals against the New Jersey Devils, all in one period. Despite the fact he recorded 3 shut outs. This guy is young, so don’t count him out yet. He still needs to learn. And the only way to learn is to play against the top teams and players. For this season if he can manage to play more games and play the top teams, the Stars have
their goalie of the future, along with another world class goalie on their hands. Let’s just hope he’ll be able to play a full season before the NHL has a walk out.

Now, the ever controversial Eddie Belfour. We have all heard and know what he has done outside the world of hockey. But when it comes done to the fact that he is one of the best goalies in the world. Last season he wasn’t as great as he has been, so what?! Why make such a huge deal about it, let’s face it. All goalies have slumps! That does nothing to deter the fact he could be on the Canadian Olympic Team. But the Olympics are a side project. This year, expect Belfour to be several
time better than last. He knows he will have to ease up on who, what when and where he wants to play. He is the one that tells the head coach when he wants to practice. Belfour realizes that even though Turco is his back up, he is going to be the Stars future goalie in just a few short years.

This leaves Belfour in a quarrel, how much should he ease up? Should he be as demanding as he has been in the past? Most of all, how will the next year affect Belfour? Yes Belfour’s contract runs out at the end of the season, he has already said that he wishes to re-sign with the Stars, even if
it is only for one or two seasons. This does affect Turco, if Belfour only signs a one year deal, then both of them, especially Turco will really have to step on his play to new levels. So will Belfour, it might be his last season, why not go out with a bang? Let’s just say, if Belfour and Turco split the games versus Colorado, St. Louis, Detroit, and New
Jersey. That would leave each playing 2 games versus Detroit, Colorado and St. Louis. The Stars play one lone game against the Devils, expect Belfour to play that game. As far as the rest of the season goes, Befour will still play more than Turco, but Turco will be playing in about 30 games. Belfour will get the upper hand at this, and he will be more willing to allow Turco to play more. It might ruffle some of his feathers and some of the fans as well, but it’s all for a good thing.