In Bob We Trust

Now I noticed that the Habs have not done anything yet in the free agency market and I have heard it from the Leafs fans but they don’t understand the Canadiens. Bob Gainey is one of the most intellectual GMs in hockey and I believe he knows what he is doing. The Habs don’t need to go out and overpay players to build a “winner”. Most of the top quality UFA went to teams that can only wish they have a playoff shot. What I wonder is, do players who get big contracts want to win or just get paid? Chara goes to Boston where even with him there they still suck. Jovocop goes to Phoniex and I heard him rant about being coached by Gretzky. Honestly Gretzky’s coaching ability is still up in the air and I didn’t see anything great from them last year. One player very rarely will change a team around the exceptions are Jagr, Thornton, and Kipper.

Free agency is suppose to make your team better but it just makes greedy hockey players feel more *****y about their play and demand more money. Bob is developing our young talent so we can have a consistant team. Why bring in players just to make one cup run when you can develop players and keep them in the organization for years to come? Some hockey fans (Leafs) think the Habs are an average team and barely get in the playoffs but do you notice that we do pretty decent for an average team? We came back in 2003 from 3-1 with an “average” team and we hanged around against the Canes. All of the Canes’ wins were by only one goal and two went to overtime.

Some people will say that we have players that shouldn’t be on the Habs and I agree. I don’t like Bonk but without him we would not have had Huet who reserected us to the playoffs. Bob gets rid of the trash (Theodore) and keeps players who have shown that they want to play for us. Steve Begin is an example of a guy who nobody else wanted but he plays his heart out every shift that he is out on that ice. He does it all. He hits, scores, fights, and does anything for a win. He might only get a million a year but he deserves every penny for what he does, same with Bouillion.

I will always be a loyal Habs fan no matter if we win the cup or lose every game. Habs fans just keep cheering for the Habs cause it will all pay off in the end.