Is Huet on display?

Is Huet being shown off right now as trade bait? Right now the rumors are that Montreal is trying to trade Halak but that really doesn’t seem to fit? If Halak was being shown off don’t you think he would have stayed up and started some games so teams would be interested?

What i think is that the Habs are planning on making Price the starter by mid-season, and trying to gain a decent forward in dealing Huet. The fact of the matter is though, Huet has to go and Montreal needs a solid forward. Huet is a solid goalie but not in a place like Montreal where the offense is limited to make up for the bad goals he tends to let in. I think that he’ll be gone soon, i more or less hope it because if not the Canadiens are going to find themselfv at the bottom of the Eastern Conference.

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  1. LaFlanelle says:

    I don't see it.

    I don't think we can really say for sure if Huet is on display or not. Bob Gainey is not one to tip his hand.  I would be surprised if he was even if Huet is overrated. But Gainey will not hastily make a trade without knowing for sure what Price can do and the better way to know that is to watch him grow all season long. Huet is an insurance policy that the Habs cannot really do without right now. And his contract is up at the end of the year… I do not see a trade at all.

  2. habsrock99 says:

    The only way Huet is going to get traded is if one of three things happen.

    Scenario 1: It's the trade deadline and Montreal is unofficially out of the play-off picture and a team with only one proven starter (ie. Atlanta, Calgary, Minnesota, San Jose) is willing to part with a secondary draft choice or two as well as a versatile forward who is under contract for next year, and is wanting some insurance between the pipes in case their own starter is injured or happens to play terrible down the stretch.

    Scenario 2: After tonight's game against Pittsburgh, Carey Price earns another start and continues to earn starts and becomes Montreal's goalie of the future now, making Huet expenadable as well as unhappy, prompting Gainey to trade him to a non-contending team so as to ensure Huet cannot hurt Montreal in their drive to make the play-offs.

    Scenario 3: Huet gets injured again or goes through his yearly slump and Carey Price steps up and leads Montreal for the rest of the season, promting Gainey to trade Huet for either a solid, contributing forward or a few draft choices which DOES NOT include a 1st rounder.

    Those are the only real ways Huet will get traded unless Gainey is willing to throw in the towel before Game 3 of the 82 game scheduele and is willing to face yet even MORE criticism from the Montreal media and fans alike.

  3. MtlHabs09 says:

    You said it yourself, with Huet as the feature tender, we have the possibility of finishing last in the East, so who the f*ck would want to trade anything of value for Huet?????????????????

  4. XOXOHTH says:

    Huet is not on display. A long time will pass before management even considers putting him on display, and thats only if Price steps in as the number one goalie, and even then I wouldnt trade him. Also Halak may have been shopped 2 weeks ago but surely he isn't being shopped now because he isnt even playing in the NHL. Is there nothing else to write about?

  5. Disaster116 says:

    I think that Montreal has a good 1 2 combo for goalies right now. Lets not forget that Huet was at the All Star game last year. He can definately contribute about 40 games. When Patrick Roy came into the league he had Brian Hayward that split the schedule with him for about 35 a year for the first 2 or 3 years after the 1986 Stanley Cup win. I wouldn't be surprised if Huet is resigned at the end of the year. Anyways these are my thoughts


    Sorry Marleau fans he is never coming to MTL 🙁

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