Is it Kovalev's Team?

If anyone has been watching the Canadiens play lately you have to admit that they are looking good. Last season Kovalev was invisible on most nights, This season it looks as if he grabbed the team by the throat.

If anyone watched the game against the Rangers you know what I’m talking about…

Sunday Montreal played against New York and Koivu did not dress due to the flu. Kovalec was wearing the “C” that night and he played awesome. His line combined for 8 points I believe and he averaged over 23:00 Minutes of ice time. He played with a certain edge that game and as well as tonights game against Tampa Bay.

Where was Alex Kovalev last year?….Bope?

What happened over the off-season and make him snap out of the fund he was in?

Media says Gainey and Carbo had a sit down with AK-27 and asked him what his intentions were for the following season. They asked him if they liked the style of play Carbo was preaching and asked if he can come in and support a mentor role.

Kovalev came back with a new attitude and is playing great. Now the point of this article is this:

Koivu is currently the Captain of the hockey club. Do you think Gainey would actually consider/mind moving his captain to get a younger and more productive scorer? (Keeping in mind Koivu has a No-Trade-Clause and another year left on his contract…..just a thought though)

Now Koivu is a great Captain, We all know that but do you believe Plekanec and Kostitsyn would have been just as good with Koivu teaching/mentoring them?

Personally I liked Kovalev wearing the “C” and would not mind him being the permanent Captain of the squad.

What do you think?

Is it worth it trading a player like Koivu and whoever to make a blockbuster deal of some sort?

Gainey is the GM but just a fun thought, but you never know what can happen right?….Would I have been writting this last season? No way but things are very different this season!

Go Habs!

Happy New Year.