Islanders and Blackhawks Ready to Pull the Trigger?

An article in the Chicago Daily Herald says that Chicago`s General Manager Dale Tallon may be ready to make some moves to his struggling hockey team.

Rumors have it that they have been looking at the Islanders since during the last week they`ve had scouts, Dudley and Bergevin taking in a couple of games.

Within the past month or so Islanders` GM Mike Milbury has been dangling Kvasha and Niinimaa on the trading block.

Can Milbury and Tallon swing a trade?? It`s believed the Islanders are looking to recieve a big defensman but the Blackhawks don`t seem to have what they can be looking for on the blueline.

Aucoin, Barinka, Seabrook, Simpson, Spacek, and Duncan Keith are the possibilities but I couldn`t see it happen.

Aucoin has that huge salary and his play is disgusting compared to last year. And the rest of those defenseman just aren`t good enough to have any kind of impact.

Getting highly touted prospect Cam Barker would be an absolute steal for the Islanders. Leading goal scorers for the Blackhawks are Mark Bell and Tyler Arnason and landing one of those guys would be a good move on the part of the Islanders.

Also in the article for the Chicago Daily Herald Tallon made the point that he`s been frustrated with the play of Khabibulin and wouldn`t mind trading him.

Maybe throwing Bulin into the mix can call for a three-team trade making the chance for the Islanders landing a good goal scorer or even Cam Barker, more likely. Teams that are in the market for a goalie are the Canucks and Oilers.

I feel some kind of trade needs to happen immediatley on the part of the New York Islanders. I`m sure Milbury sees by now that the Isles are struggling and constantly playing with the .500 mark. With the talent on this team right now, there`s no chance the Islanders would be a threat in the playoffs. They are below many of the elite teams in the Eastern Conference and if a big trade isn`t made, then this season will just be another waste.