Jagr in Pens camp

A bit of a surprise to the Pens organization and fans present at the Icoplex, the Pens pratice facility, on Monday.

Before Mondays practice, Jaromir Jagr entered the Penguins locker room. He apparently got clearence from the Capitals organization to take the day off to travel to Pittsburgh to pick up some personal belongings still remaining there. He decided to stop into the Icoplex to check out the practice and to meet up with friends and former teammates.

He surprised many fans also by leaving the locker room and entering Jay’s Sportsbar, which overlooks the ice, to watch the practice. All while the restaurant was in full lunch hour operation. He got a good response from the fans and apparently holds no hard feelings toward them.

He did have many good things to say about this seasons team specifically Kris Beech who was one of the players involved in his trade. He spoke very highly of the Pens squad and the newly developed third line.

He is looking forward to his return to the ice at Mellon Arena this season and I expect him to get a good response even amid his off-season remarks following the trade.