What should the Jets do ?

Panic is easy. You see it all the time. But the man or woman standing still and measuring the situation while all around them are losing their minds is the rare one. They’re also the people you want handling your stock portfolio, operating on your heart, or, as it is in this case, running your hockey team.

What should the Winnipeg Jets do right now? Nothing. Absolutely nothing except flip their collars up against the wind and rain. Now is the time to hunker down and wait out the storm.

Trade now? From a position of weakness? That’s what loser organizations do. Organizations destined to rot for decades and treat the odd season of mediocrity as something to celebrate.

Want your Jets to reach the playoffs this year? Cheveldayoff can likely make it happen. But at a cost that will rob this franchise of any chance for sustained success.

By success, I don’t mean reaching the post-season and then getting drummed out in four straight. I’m talking about winning three rounds, or the near unthinkable prize that comes after four playoff rounds.

Cheveldayoff didn’t leave the Chicago Blackhawks to host a couple of playoff games. He came to Winnipeg to build something that makes the rest of the hockey world take notice. Something that can’t be erected overnight.