Kovalev to ask Heatley to Stay.

Kovalev has landed in Ottawa with a massive bang. He has claimed he beleives with his addition the Sens can win the Cup, and he has come out and said he wants Heatley to stay, saying the team needs him to win and will be better off to keep him than let him go, he’ll go so far as to call Heatley and see if he can’t make things better and start to repair a fractured relationship.Kovalev has shown he will not be a wall flower on this team, and has taken a huge role already on the team, talking Stanley Cup, sending an olive branch to Heatley and talked of his desire to be a team leader in any way he can. He’s already made a massive impact even though it’s only been 2 days. Huge leadersip which I think is very quickly endeadring him to Ottawa fans, and shown why Montreal fans loved him so much

Kovalev’s comments coupled with Melnyk and GM Murray’s comments about Heatley’s agents makes one wonder if the Senators brass and players are looking for Heatley to fire his agents who have obviuosly done nothing but a horrible job for their client (and obviously a sensative case).
Heatley hired super agent JP Barry over Stacey Macalpine when he asked to leave Atlanta, and now with Cap space filling up across the league and offers for Heatley dwindling, it appears the Sens have left the door open for a resoltuion with Heatley — fire your agents and we’ll blame this entire mess on them, come back and apologize and go out and blast one-timers into the back of the net and laugh at all of Spezza’s jokes.

Could Heatley come back and would you support it? I for one would and would cheer Heatley. He made a mistake and the only to make up for it is to score 50 goals and get us into the playoffs.