Latest Forsberg Rumors

Shelly Castellano ICON SMI

Ok, ok, ok … so the Forsberg talk is getting to be a little much at HTR these days but the reality is that it is our job to post the latest news and info so here we go……

The latest speculation is that the Dallas Stars are showing a tremendous amount of interest in Forsberg. The speculation is that Stars G.M. and Brett Hull (Stars Front office person) met with Forsberg this past weekend in Sweden in an effort to convince him to go to the Stars .. if he is healthy and ready to play of course.

Personally HTR believes that Dallas is an unlikely fit for Forsberg. We just can’t see why he would go to Dallas when he cold go to Ottawa (an awesome team) and play with his buddy Alfredsson, go to Detroit and play with Lidstrom (another awesome team) or go to Vancouver and play with a whole raft of Swedish players including his good buddy Naslund.

Read the article along with the speculation here