Leafs looking for a second rounder for Franson


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  1. leafy says:


  2. nordiques100 says:

    I think one of the few contracts that are as bad as Clarkson’s is Alex Semin.

    I would trade the Leafs problem for the Canes problem.

    At least Semin at useless level will score more points than Clarkson at any level.

    Another one would be Lecavalier.

    In 3rd place may be the Oilers Ben Pouliot.

    I’d take any of these 3 over Clarkson right now. It simply hasnt and wont work out with this guy.

  3. Gambo says:

    There’s talk Oliver Ekman-Larson could be available from Arizona. If that’s true, he’s someone who Toronto should really look at. 23 years old and already a #1 dman. He’ll probably be a number 1 for 12 more years or more, hasn’t even peaked yet. He’s young enough to be a part of this rebuild. This guy is the closest resemblance to Lidstrom i’ve seen since he left. Not saying he’s that good, just same style. Plus his goal on Bernier was pretty similar to Lidstrom’s goal on Cloutier.

  4. LN91 says:

    If this was NHL 15…

    I would tear down the squad and hand Dale Tallon a blank check.

    If they want to rebuild, they need a mastermind behind it.

  5. LN91 says:

    Our beloved fibber, EK, suggested a Franson/Santorelli package…

    That is a great, cheap package for any team looking to go on a run.

    However, the asking price is probably a 1st round pick and a second-tier prospect.

    • doorman says:

      I think being a big RHD shot dman the closer it gets and a right break for the Leafs in terms of teams needing a dman Franson could net us that alone. I mean Douglas freaking Murray got 2-2nd round picks so I hold out hope. As for Santorelli, not sure what he is worth but the buyer to seller ratio will determine all I suppose?

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