Leafy's Rumor Roundup

Here’s the latest on Peter Forsberg, Glen Murray, and the rest.

Adam Proteau says there is speculation that Peter Forsberg may end up in Nashville. Proteau suggests that the Ducks, Flames, or even the Leafs are more likely. I don’t know what Toronto would have to dump to make room for him. With Tellqvist in the minors, the Leafs have about 1.4 in cap sapce, meaning if they add him, it’s a deadline deal. Calgary seems likely, they’ve always needed a centre for Jarome.. imagine an Iginla-Forsberg-Tanguay line? The best pure goal scorer in the league, and two top five play makers in the league. Anaheim could use a forward, and Forsberg and Selanne would be an interesting pair. Selanne made even Andy McDonald look good.

More rumors about Colorado going after a top Tampa forward are circulating, according to Eklund. Brad Richards salary is ridiculously high, and Marty St Louis has a no trace clause, meaning that Vincent Lecavalier seems to be the most likely player they are chasing. Vancouver or Calgary are also apparently chasing the forward.

More Avalanche news, the Avs are apparently looking for a power forward, or a stay at home defenseman, and apparently they are offering up John Michael Liles, who by the way, should probably have been suspended for the Ryan Smyth knee.

The Carolina Hurricanes are apparently shopping forward Kevyn Adams, no word yet on when the Canes forward will learn how to spell his first name.


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  1. PhanufRoxs says:

    Colorado wants Forsberg to. But Vancouver is trying to get him, to help there scoring situation, and to get him so Colorado doesn't get him. the Av's are only one spot ahead of the Nuck's, so Vancouver doesn't want Colorado to get Forsberg.

  2. habswinthecup-again says:

     Toronto would have to give Kaberle to get Forsberg.
     Tampa Bay will stay with the team they got.

     Liles should have been suspended 5 games atleast but he would be good trade bait.

     K. Adams can be had for a 5th rounder.

     Ecklund rumours should not be allowed on this site.

     Where is Murray going? other than your opening line he is not mentioned.

  3. Rufusy says:

    kabby has a no trade claus

  4. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    I agree on all points. I should start doing the first part after I write the article, because I think I've done that once or twice before.

  5. habswinthecup-again says:

     Thats right, but he is the only player on the Leafs that they could trade straight up for Forsberg, anybody else on the lineup would require a first rounder as well (except maybe KW, MS, BM, DT), for any of them you probably need just a second rounder.

  6. Aetherial says:

    I read the Leafs things about Forsberg also.

    I can't really understand why they would do it. I also can't understand how  they would do it. In today's NHL, with the rarity of skilled defenseman, and given Forsberg's age and continuous health issues, I would not trade Kaberle for Forsberg.

  7. Villanova says:

    I really think the Flyers will wait until the winter to make a huge trade.  There is no point in getting rid of Forsberg soon.  It would be better to see how they play over the next month or so, then trade him.  At that point, I would think you could get more for him.  Also, Holmgren and the other scouts will have more time to evaluate young talent. 

    I"m thinking a deal for him would be huge.  His talent and past playoff performance are enough for any team to want him for a playoff run.  What type of prospect will the flyers want? Probably a strong defensive prospect and a top forward prospect.  The guy i'm hoping for is Bobby Ryan from the Ducks.  Forsberg's performance last night has to raise his value and put to rest concerns about his feet/ankles.  Do you think that a top 5 pick would be too much for a playoff rental?  The flyers NEED a scorer.  The young guys they have now are good, but they need someone that could be great. 

    I am a huge flyers and forsberg fan, but i honestly think they should trade him.  You never know, maybe he pulls what Doug Weight did last year.  They trade him, gets prospects, he wins a cup, and resign him in the offseason.  I know its optimistic, but i could see it happening.  I think the flyers would be stupid to hang on to him for a losing season.  Also, why would Forsberg want to stick around only to miss the playoffs. 

  8. TheFish12 says:

    There is no way Forsberg pulls a Doug Weight.  The only reason Doug went back to Carolina was so he could get his minutes.  He was nothing other then a spare part with Carolina, he didn't get his ice time or his points.  So he went back to St Louis were he would lose, but get to play alot and be a go to guy.

    Forsberg on the other hand is a go to guy on any team in the world, if he gets traded, and especially if he wins the cup, he wont be going back to the Flyers.  This guy wants to win, he isint a washed playmaker like Weight is so he wont sign with a horrible team to get minutes.

  9. Villanova says:

    That's probably true.  I guess its just wishful thinking.  I doubt the flyers would do enough to make them a contender next year.

    On a completely different note, i heard on 610 WIP a story about hitch*****. I missed the beginning of it so i dont know if there were sources, a legit interveiw, or if it was just theory – but here it goes:  Basically, he realized in trainign camp that the team wasn't together.  They all played as a group and didn't connect at all.  As an avid reader of war novels and a very smart coach, he used a tactic taht has been used before (Herb Brooks with the 1980 olympic team).  He decided to be the biggest asshole he could be, in hopes that it would cause the team to come together in their hatred for him.  He thought it would take a few more weeks than what he got.  When he was fired, the whole process went back to square 1. 

  10. flyav says:

    Anyone who thinks the Flyers should trade Forsberg for scoring clearly hasn't been watching this team play.  The reason they dont score is they have no confidence in the defense and for good reason.  If you watched the game last night when they were up 4 goals they had no idea what to do.  They just backed off the Ducks, and the forwards were too scared the D would collapse again that they barely tried to leave the zone.  If this team had a reliable defense I am positive that the offense would take more chances and score more goals.  Just look at what Gagne-Forsberg-Knuble did in their first game playing togeather in a while.

    Now as for Forsberg for Kaberle thats got to be a joke.  Yes I agree we need a defensemen but not Kaberle.  Forsberg is the best player in the world.  Does anyone remeber what happened when Kaberle met the Flyers in the playoffs 3 yrs ago, he was terrible.  What a joke

  11. WYflyerfan says:

    I can't believe evrybody wants to trade him. He is thier best and most exciting player on the team. Without him they are not even worth watching. I personally would not trade him and try to right the ship and make the playoffs and hope he would try another year in philly. I would try and get something for Calder and Rathje. I believe they are better then this and will start playing as such here shortly. All of you out there who want to build for the future it's got to be scary because carter, richards, and Joni look like shit…. I'll give richards credit for his effort but that is it.

  12. WYflyerfan says:

    I agree a 100% with you. The first thing I would do is keep the top line together and stop breaking them up to spred scoring. 2nd thing would sit Rathje and bring up Lars. Rathje's back is slowing him down way to much.

  13. LeafsJaysRapsBillsManU says:

     It's hilarious to read Flyers fans acting like they'd be the ones getting hosed in a Kaberle for Forsberg deal. Tomas Kaberle is 28, and just entering into his prime. He's been arguably the best defenseman in the NHL this season. Peter Forsberg is 33 and although he is still very skilled, he's starting to make Pavel Bure look like Cal Ripken Jr. Paul Holmgren would get NHL executive of the year for sure if he was able to get Tomas Kaberle for Peter Forsberg.

  14. Villanova says:

    they probably can't give up calder and rathje.  With his salary, the flyers would have to pay someoen to take him.  There is no team in the league that would be dumb enough to take him (or hatcher) at their current salary rates.  For calder, he's probaly worth about a 4th rounder right now.  Maybe a third, but not much more than that. 

    I just think that with the defense as bad as it is, they should get rid of forsberg because they could actually get something good in return.  They are not going to win a cup this year or next year, and i doubt forsberg will be around much longer.  Why not build for the future.

    ANd the reason i said get an offensive prospect is so you have someone exciting.  If you get a defensive prospect, the guy will likely take years to develop, if he develops at all.  I'd say trade him for a forward and a defensmen.  Defense is alot harder to predict and takes longer to evaluate, so they might as well target a young forward.

  15. flyav says:

    Ya I agree they do need to sit Rathje.  Its a shame though cause its his back injury which has hindered him.  When he is 100% he is much more capable than Hatcher and Gauthier are in the new NHL, unfortunatly Rathje wont be 100% this year for sure and he may never be again. 

  16. Seedless says:

    The Leafs would be ignorant not to accept that offer.  it would give them two scary lines and the most lethal Powerplay in the East.  Kaberle is great, but people (like you) seem to be underrating Forsberg lately.  He is the best in the business (STILL) and any team would give at LEAST kaberle for him.  Forsberg playing 60 games a year is better for your team than most players playing 82 a year.

  17. Atomic_Wedgy says:

    Have you been drinking?  I'll summarize for your post in simpler English… 

    "COL and VAN are in the same division."

  18. Big_Caissie says:

    If i am not mistaken, Kaberle has a no trade clause for the next three years so I don't think Kaberle for Forsberg would happen anytime soon.

  19. bleeds_blue_n_white says:

    3 years ago? Really. Kaberle was 25 and still growing to reach his prime.

    He is now 28 and for the second straight year, he is part of one of the top 2 tandems in the league (Pronger and Neidermayer are the top this year)

    Defensemen do not mature and peak until 28 – 31. Kaberle is just reaching his peak.

    Anyone who would trade away Kaberle at this point does not know hockey. Look at what happened to Ottawa with Chara gone. Scoring is not a problem, but goals against are.

    How many 30 min/game, high scoring D are there out there? And the Leafs have 2.

    Better to keep Kaberle, then dump him for Forsberg who is a big gamble. Healthy, he can turn the game upside down and is the best player in the world, without a doubt.

    Injured, he is not the same player.

    Just my $0.02

  20. Andy-O says:

    This is the latest that I heard, Forsberg for Pavl Brendl, Billy Tidbitts, and Kent Manderville.

  21. papichulo71 says:

    The Flyers will have a fire sale come February-March. The following players are sure to be dealt:

    Forsberg, Calder, Kapanan, Gauthier, Knuble, Sanderson

    and probably the following players:

    Hatcher, Rathje, and Gagne.

    It'll be interesting to see where they all go because as earlier hinted on it's no longer on the basis if you need a player so much as keeping him away from your competition.

  22. PhanufRoxs says:

    yeah thats pretty much the point i just made dumbass

  23. flyersfan10897 says:

    why would they even consider trading gagne? hes only 26, hes the best goal scorer on the team, hes a home grown talent, hes a very good defensive player, and they just re-signed him long term, as well as put him in a leadership role by naming him an alternate captain.

    If they plan to keep the team young (Richards, Carter, Umberger, Eager, Potulny, Ruzicka, Pitkanen, Timonen, Picard, Jones, Meyer, Niittymaki) there is no reason to get rid of Gagne.  And they still have Steve Downie and Claude Giroux waiting in the wings.

  24. markovbigfan says:

    I agree, there's no *****ing way they get rid of gagne, he's the center of this team, if they are rebuilding they will do like boston rebuild around a young talented player and get rid of their slow skaters to adapt themselve to the new nhl.

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