Boy oh Boy, I’ve been sending in post’s every week about Brian Leetch and the hope of him making his a return to the show lights…. His home, and where he deserves to finish his career is right here on Broadway.

ACCORDING TO THE NEW YORK DAILY NEWS… His Return is very possible.Acorrding to John Dellapina of the NY daily news:


The door that appeared closed weeks ago is ajar again. Brian Leetch and agent Jay Grossman have spoken several times in recent weeks with the Rangers hierarchy – from Glen Sather to assistant GM Don Maloney and head coach Tom Renney. The sides have expressed mutual interest in exploring a way to get Leetch back on Broadway, but contract terms have yet to be discussed.

“Yes, we’ve spoken with the Rangers,” Grossman said yesterday. “But Brian hasn’t arrived at the point yet where he’s told me to go ahead and engage in what I would deem to be serious discussions with anybody.”

Leetch, a 38-year-old unrestricted free agent, apparently has made up his mind to play another season. The Rangers’ payroll is at $40.6 million, giving them wiggle room under a $44 million salary cap. However, the Rangers might decide to spend some of that cap room – making a Leetch return more difficult – by signing another forward to replace Jed Ortmeyer, who was diagnosed with a pulmonary embolism.

The truth is. The Rangers owe Brian Leetch a chance to return home to retire where he played and grew with the fans that love him the way the yankee fans love Bernie Williams.

The Cap should not even be a question of if they can fit him in. The Rangers owe some of their cap room to this guy without a doubt.

Everyone has been asking the over past few months… where does Leetch fit in on this Rangers Roster… here’s the answer…. He fit’s in no matter what. The guy has bled Ranger Blue his whole life. Even if he comes back and plays a small roll this guy will be cheered every-time he touches the puck till the end of the year and his retirement.

So the Question is why would any fan not want him back… so he’s a or 8 D man… he doesn’t even need to play with any defensive pair. Just keep him as your extra man on the bench, DO NOT GIVE HIM THE “C,” and let him play every power play shift on the first Unit. With the heart he has for this team, and the way the fans will go nuts for this guy…. Anyone who’s seen him play in a Ranger jersey knows they will see him come to life.