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1) “Trade Done, Lindros Camp to Negotiate”

2) “Trade Could Put Flyers Over The Top”

3) “Lindros vs. Jagr”

4) “Good Move???????”

5) “Is Sather Planning On Dealing Lindros to Toronto?”

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5) patTrade Done, Lindros Camp To Negotiate

Major news networks are reporting that the Philadelphia Flyers and New York Rangers have agreed to to a trade that would send Lindros to the New York Rangers in return for Jan Hlavac, Kim Johnsson, and Pavel Brendl. According to sources around the league, all that is left is for the Lindros camp to agree to a contract with the Rangers. The deal could be announced as early as Wednesday.

I guess this goes to show that Clarke was right all along. He would trade Lindros for the right deal and, by all accounts, this would be a fantastic deal for the Flyers if Clarke can get these three prospects in return for a player who is one hit away from a forced retirement. I guess it’s up to Mommy and Daddy to get him a contract now.

This proves beyond all doubt that Clarke was always of the mind to trade Lindros for the right deal and that he wasn’t just being spiteful. Let’s see what the Lindroses can do now since it has been shown that if they don’t agree to a contract with New York, that it is they – not Clarke – who are the stalwarts in this fiasco.

Written by: aafiv

Trade Could Put Flyers Over The Top

The recent announcement that a trade between the Flyers and the Rangers is great news for Flyer’s fans. If Booby Clarke is able to pull of this trade, it will be an excellent move for the franchise on so many levels.
First of all, they are getting rid of a player who has been nothing but a headache the past two years. A player who has not helped the team in any way and is just a sitting commodity.

Second of all, they are picking up three extremely young and talented players in Hlavac, Johnsson and Brendl. Now, who knows if Brendl will ever pan out to be what one scout said, “the potential to be the leading scorer in the league.” The fact that Clarke might be able to pick up Hlavac, a 35 year old who had 28 goals and 36 assists on a horrible team, and could be paired with another Czech, Jiri Dopita, and Johnsson, who has the potential to be a very savvy and solid blue-liner for years to come, could make a huge difference to this team. Johnsson was a –3 on a non-playoff team. In comparison, the perennial all-star, Brian Leetch, was a –18. They also have the resources and the time to allow Brendl to develop in the minors for a year or two.

This trade just might be the final pieces of the puzzle that Clarke has been trying to assemble since that fateful night when an arbitrator choose in favor of the Flyers for Lindros’ rights.

Written by: flyerfan9710

Lindros vs. Jagr

This may be a very selfish article, but these appear to be selfish times in the NHL. So here goes.
If Eric Lindros is worth Jan Hlavac, defenseman Kim Johnsson, young promising forward Pavel Brendl and a middle-round draft pick, then what should Jagr have been worth? Not Kris Beech, Russ Lupaschuk, and Michal Sivik, that’s for sure.

Penguins fans and any Flyers-hater should be near tears over the news of this “near-finalized” trade between the Rangers and Flyers. Not only does it make Philly incredibly more deep, it makes the Jagr deal look more like the joke that it was. Once again a team will overpay for Lindros. I really couldn’t imagine a team trading Forsberg for Lindros straight up right now, and Peter was part of a 6 player deal for Lindros in the first place. This also begs the question, did Sather really play to hard to get with the Pens in the Jagr deal? Who out there would rather have Lindros for those before-mentioned players then Jagr? Not many, I would imagine, if only because of Lindros’s health risks. And I wouldn’t start bringing up Jagr’s questionable character – he’s a class act compared to Eric/Eric’s parents.

Rangers fans should be a little upset was well – Glen could easily have landed Jagr for a similar deal. The main problem was that the Penguins were looking for a salary dumping move – that does not mean give a player away (like it seems they did) but rather get young, cheap talent instead. What the Penguins got was young, unproven, can’t-even-buy-a-beer potential. It seemed that New York was offering more expensive, NHL-level players, so the Penguins couldn’t afford the trade. Did Sather tell them take it or leave it? If so, the Penguins certainly did leave it. But, let’s not forget one VERY important thing – when Sather called Washington, the Capitals flat-out LIED and said they were in no way involved in a potential trade for Jagr. This obviously affected Sather, as he saw he could be a little tougher with Pittsburgh. Fair play? hmmm…

Yes, the Penguins are probably aiming to be a Stanley Cup contender before Mario retires for good in 3 or 4 years. He has said he wants to play when they open a new stadium – the timing couldn’t have been worse – they need to surround Mario with a bigger budget NOW. With that new stadium, the Penguins may actually make some money (they did pull in 2 million last season – incredible). A team like Washington, with their fancy arena luxury suites, and making the playoffs, lost 20 million. Maybe the Penguins plan was to just cut their losses with Jagr, but I don’t care who you are, you don’t “cut your losses” with a future hall-of-famer.

In conclusion, I’d have to say that this deal between New York and Philly is a great one if you’re a Flyer fan, but to anyone else, it’s a deal that shouldn’t go through…

Written by: neophool

Good Move???????

Okay, what is the situation with the Rangers? Is Sather going after Eric Lindros to save face, or is he trying to help his team? Aren’t these the same players who were wanted to get Jagr? Could Sather really have blown the Jagr trade all on his own? Let’s look at the Lindros thing. If Lindros comes to NY and returns to form, he is a bonifide superstar, and can help the Rangers. Lindros, despite all of the problems is a great player, and I would want him on my team. The drawbacks, the Rangers are giving up good (underline good) young talent, and a possible superstar in Brendl. Brendl is unproven, and if he turns out to be a bust, then Sather is brilliant. As far as Lindros’ attitude, lets hope being around players like Messier, Leetch, and Fleury will help him realize the whining and crying is not going to be tolerated. Maybe Lindros has grown up a little after this experience, and a move to NY under the spotlight will actually do him some good. As a Ranger fan I will take Lindros, because we need something to help this team out. The BIG question to be asked here is, are we getting Lindros because Sather blew the Jagr deal? Could we have gotten Jagr for the same package? If that is the case then the Rangers have to look at Sather and see whether or not he really is the guy they want running their team. Lindros could make or break Sather’s job. (in my opinion) What does everyone else think of all these questions?

Written by: Cynar

Is Sather Planning On Dealing Lindros to Toronto?

The backlash from the Lindros to NY rumors has been tremendous and I wonder if Sather truly wants to alienate Ranger fans. Perhaps he plans on dealing Lindros to Toronto, or another club (St. Louis) once Clarke is officially out of the equation? This is of course purely speculation, but stranger things have happened! Thoughts?

Written by: pat