lots of teams need to make moves?

I know it’s only 15 games or so for most teams in the NHL, but there is some talk going on. The three teams who will likely make are a deal are Philadelphia, Ottawa, and Calgary. Philly, and Ottawa, are underachieving, but Calgary has very disappointing, and for sure haven’t been playing like the Stanley cup contenders they were expected to be.

Okay I have two lists. One will have rumors, and one will just be for speculation.


To Ottawa: Robyn Regher
To Calgary: Brenden Morrison.
To Vancouver: Daniel Alfredson.

Honestly I think this rumor is rediculous. Brenden Morrison is not nearly as good as Regher (and I live in Vancouver). John Muckler said he won’t trade Alfi, and I don’t know why Calgary would Regher.

To Vancouver: Anton Vochenkov
To Ottawa: Brenden Morrison.

This does not make sense, the Nucks’ do not need help on defense, and rookie Luc Bourdon who is being described as the next Ed Jovanoski might was sent down to the minors, even though he was playing pretty good, so the Canucks don’t need a defensemen.

To Boston: Evgeni Nabokov
To San Jose: Glen Murrey

Okay i’m NOT sure if this is a rumor, or speculation, because lots of people on this website are making that sound like a rumor, but this kinda makes sense. Obviously it’s not like the Sharks don’t have anyone else who could be a starting NHL besides Nabokov. Toskela is very good, so the Sharks can deal Nabbi somewhere. Murrey would be a great fit for the Sharks. Plus he’s already played with Thornton, so Cheecho, Thornton, and Murrey would be the best line in the NHL.


To San Jose: Peter Forsberg, Ed Jovanoski
To Phoenix: Evgeni Nabokov, Simon Gagne
To Philadelphia: Ladislav Nagy, Mark Bell, Steve Bernier, 1st round San Jose draft pick, Keith Ballard.

This would be the biggest trade in a long time. San Jose would unstoppable. Nabokov is worth alot, but losing him won’t matter to the Sharks that much. So it would pretty much be Bernier, Bell, and a 1st rounder for Forsberg and Jovo. I know your all thinking “how does San Jose get such a good?” and you all probably think i’m an idiot, but how often are there deals involving a powerhouse team and a last place team(s) were the last place team(s) got a deal as good as the other team. Phoenix getting Nabbi and Gagne for Jovo, Nagy, is almost not gonna make then better, but the chemistry might be better, you never know. Philly is rebuilding so this could happen, and this would give the Flyer the chance to build the team around Carter Richards, and Pitikan.

There are too many more ideas i could write about, so thats all, but telll me what you think about the article by sending comments.