Many Articles In One

Because of the short length of some submitted articles, which are good, they are posted in here, a “Many Articles In One. The following titles are: “Islanders in Lindros Hunt?”, “Canuck Goalie Problem”, “Hull To New Jersey?”, “Allison to B’s”, “Has Detroit Made a Mistake?”, “This Is One Guy That’s Perfect”, and “Osgood Going to East for Big Defenseman?”. Islanders in Lindros Hunt?

The New York Post reported Fri. that the New York Islanders recently offered Flyers GM Bobby Clarke Kenny Jonsson and Mariusz Czerkawski for the rights to Eric Lindros with the intention to then turn around and trade him to another team. Supposedly Clarke turned the deal down. If this report is accurate and the Flyers did turn down such a great offer then one must wonder if Clarke has any real interest in actually trading Lindros, or if he actually believes he can get a better offer which is not at all likely.

written by: titans

Canuck Goalie Problems

I’ve been a Canuck fan my entire life, but this off-season has confused me quite a bit. I watched the entire last season, seeing my team only survive to make the playoffs because of a tiebreaker, only because of the stellar play of Bob Essensa, yet instead of resigning him at only 600,000$ per year, which is a huge bargain for any player these days, they decide to let him go to free agency.. My question is, after Bobby E’s play last year, is there not enough interest in him for us to sign him and trade him for something instead of losing him to free agency? Even getting a late pick would have been better than nothing.. I don’t see Burke’s logic. When training camp begins, we’re gonna have Cloutier playing with a minor league goalie behind him, probably Auld, and the Canucks are going to have the same problem they had last year.. Talent up front, on defense, but no #1 goaltender. If we don’t do anything soon, it’s gonna be another 8th place finish for the Canucks, and another 1st round sweep vs. the Avalanche.

written by:CanuckFan

Hull to New Jersey?

I don’t know how reliable the sources for this are but the devils are reportedly looking at Bret Hull. The Devils have lacked experience in their forward lines (with the exceptions of Holik and McKay) and having some would be a huge benefit. Plus, with Mogilny gone and a place a right wing open, Hull would fit in nicely. He would probably end up playing with Gomez at Center and either Brylin or even the versatile Madden at left who is a great face-off man, but can play at wing. It would be interesting to see how Hull played in NJ and who he plays with. But as of now, it is merely a rumor. Comment on this article are welcome, I would like to see if anyone else has heard anything about it.

written by:KVJ667

Allison to B’s:

It has been reported that Jason Allison has told Bruins management that if his salary demands are not met then he will not play for the team next season. It has also be reported that he would like to receive about 9 million dollars per season. Allison was forth in the NHL in points last season with 95 points. Myself as lifetime Bruins fan, hope he is resigned.

written by: IceBruins

Has Detroit made a mistake?

As I was surfing around, I accidentally ran across an article. I see the Red Wings may be trying to cover up something here. In the Toronto National Post on Saturday, there was an Article on Hasek and the time that he is taking up in his Czech hospital room. It is “claiming” how an agent is trying to change the words of a doctor to make his illness not look as bad.

July 14, 2001

Doctor, agent disagree on Hasek’s ailment
Czech physician says irregular heartbeat put goalie in hospital

PRAGUE – Dominik Hasek is in a Czech hospital due to an irregular heartbeat, said a doctor who works in the cardiology ward where the NHL superstar is being treated.

The doctor, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said if the problem persists, the goaltender may undergo electrical cardioversion, a treatment in which an electrical shock is used to prompt a regular heartbeat.

However, Hasek’s agent, Rich Winter, flatly denied there was any concern with the athlete’s ticker.

“That’s not accurate,” Winter said late yesterday when asked if his client was suffering from a heart murmur or heart arrhythmia.

Winter insisted Hasek had been hospitalized with a viral infection and nothing more.

“His condition is not serious, but he remains in hospital so that we can eliminate all possible dangers to his health,” said hospital director Jan Fertek. “He has nonspecific troubles that could have been caused by an infection.”

Fertek refused to elaborate, citing Hasek’s right to privacy.

Czech television has reported that Hasek’s new team, the Detroit Red Wings, is sending medical personnel to the hospital in Pardubice, where Hasek has been since July 5.

Hasek, 36, who won the Vezina Trophy as the NHL’s best goalie for the sixth time last month, two weeks before he was traded from the Buffalo Sabres to the Red Wings, fell ill last week upon his arrival from the United States.

He was to participate in a weekend tennis tournament of hockey stars in the Bohemian town of Jablonec nad Nisou. His spot will be taken by Jiri Fischer, a Red Wings defenceman.

According to Hasek’s business partner, Jiri Voprsal, all of Hasek’s activities planned for the near future have been cancelled.

“Dominik’s psyche is OK,” said Voprsal, “but I can’t see in his body.”

Where does Detroit stand??????

written by: Rusing

There Is One Guy That’s Perfect…

The Oilers did the unthinkable (at least to me) and traded Doug Weight. Now the pressure falls on the shoulders of Mike Comrie for some reason. I say wait until training camp to see who holds out. And there is a guy out there who I think the Oilers may go after, and resides in Boston.

For all of you that said Jason Allison, you’re right. This is the package that I would propose to Boston: Reasoner, Poti, Green, and Hornacek. Not a bad trade for Boston really. Reasoner to be the second line center behind Thornton, Poti to be the power play quarter back they desperately need (plus, he’s a Boston boy), Green would be good on there third line where they aren’t really deep, and while I was at it I threw in a prospect, Hornacek.

The Oilers get everything they need. A first line center, he’s a big center (6’3, 220), he’s only 26 years old, he’s good on face-offs, and he’s capable of 90 points a year. I know some of you are going to say that it’s wishful thinking on my behalf, but I Kevin Lowe can sign him to a deal for between 5.5 and 6 million a year. That’s not too bad and not unreasonable if you include the fact they traded Poti.

I do not believe the Oilers will necessarily will do this move, I’m just stating that they have everything they need to do the trade. They are quit stocked with prospects now, Brewer and Niinimaa are good on the power play they have to move a winger because they signed Rita and got Smyth, Hecht, Moreau, Murray, etc. So I’m telling Kevin Lowe to do this trade for the good of the team.

written by:Oil_Boy4

Osgood going to the East for big defenseman?

I heard a report recently, from many sources, that the Wings were working on a deal to send Osgood to the Penguins, for Kaspiritis and future considerations. Supposedly Kaspiritis wants to play for Detroit, (and who wouldn’t besides Aaron Ward) and has already visited Detroit just recently. Has anyone heard or able to confirm anything similar?

written by:wingnut_5