Media no longer allowed to ask Flames about Iginla’s contract status

Media members were warned —this is the final chance to bring up Jarome Iginla’s contract status.

After Sunday’s gathering, all inquiries about the Calgary Flames captain’s future with the club will be met with frowns and mutterings, rolled eyes and hot collars. Perhaps even a noogie or two.

Scorn will be risked.

So, according to general manager Jay Feaster and Iginla, this was it. Get it off your chest.

Not that anything new was covered in the afternoon scrums.

Feaster echoed the standard — that the organization wants Iginla to retire as a member of the Flames.

Iginla reiterated his own feelings — that there would be nothing better than playing on “a great team” in Calgary.

But the fact of the matter is, Iginla, 35, is in the final months of his deal.

Meaning, like it or not, it is an issue. And will be till he signs, or doesn’t.

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