More canadiens Rumors

As everyone Knows Ryder has been rumored o be out of Montreal for a long time now. On Sunday, he showed up for the game, and was simply told not to bother dressing, packed his bags, and went up to the dressing room. He needs a change of scenery like Mike Ribiero. He too can be a top line forward in this league but not in Montreal. This is the biggest trade rumor right now in Montreal:

To Edmonton:
LW Micheal Ryder
2nd Round Pick

To Montreal:
Jarett Stoll

The Cap hit is the same for both players (2.2M), and Ryder is an UFA, so that’s the reason for the compensation with the 2nd round pick. Ryder, as i said will be a superstar on another team, but not in Montreal. He needs a new city, and he was able to pull off back-to-back 30 goal seasons in Montreal, so why not Edmonton if they can sign him long term. It would be cheaper now, since his season this year is not strong, and they could lock him up at 1.9M or 2M for 3 years. Jarett Stoll can be a huge help for Montreal. He is a center with great faceoff abilities. He too need a change in scenery. He is younger than Ryder, and that fits in well with the youth movement in Montreal. The only reason right now the trade wont work is that Horcoff is out for the year, and they might not be willing to get rid of Stoll with Horcoff down. Let me know what you think.