Moves coming quickly

There seems to be a tangible feeling that things are about to explode. Everyone was waiting for Forsberg to move to guage market price, and now that the Forsberg benchmark has been set, the dominoes will start to fall.

Clearly, Tkachuk, Weight and Guerin are the biggest names who will definately be moved. Watch for other contenders to follow Nashville’s lead and overpay for rental help. As for the others, it’s dicey to predict: will the Habs realize they will lose Souray in the summer and that they probably won’t make the playoffs (though I really hope they do)? Will Florida clean house or will Martin continue his futility? Will the Pens stick to the longterm gameplan or will they deal some prospects for veteran help?

Detroit, Anaheim and San Jose will battle for the top notch help to prepare for a gruelling playoff. The west is going to be an incredible battle, with even lower teams looming dangerously. Nashville is set to make a statement, Calgary has made some smart moves and has an incredible defense and Kiprasov, Dallas has added some scoring punch and is starting to get healthier, Minnesota is a strong defensive team and with Gaborik back playing incredible anything is possible. Vancouver may be the weakest team in the west, but the Sedins play better with less room and Luongo has been the second best goalie this year, which is saying a lot considering Brodeur is quite possibly an alien with the way he has been playing.

Where the chips fall is yet to be determined, but…
-Anaheim lands Tkachuk: Tkachuk is Burke’s kind of player, what he hopes Bobby Ryan will become

-Detroit gets Guerin: If for no other reason than to add some firepower to an already high-scoring crew and to prevent competition from landing him

-San Jose adds Souray: After watching the Sharks the past few games, I can see them making a splash, if for no other reason than to shake things up. The Sheldon Souray scenario seems to fit quite well on several fronts, it’s just a matter of whether Montreal is willing to part with him.

As much as I dislike the leafs, I feel the best route would be to fetch a prospect and high pick for Tucker and rebuild for next year, with a healthy group of prospects and some seasoning under Pogge and Steen. Sign a top notch winger in the off season for Sundin, give him carte blanche to pick who he wants to play with. He is too amazing to squander.

I don’t see Carter coming back to the Canucks, but Guerin would be a nice fit. Stumpel would also be a cheap rental who could possibly mesh with Naslund, while providing some size and veteran smarts. Small tweaks is what’s on the menu this deadline for the Canucks, as while they have Luongo there is always the possibility of him singlehandedly winning a series. However, I think they are still a year away, to allow for some important players to mature (Bourdon, Edler, Grabner, Kesler) and to trim some of the fat (Bulis, Chouinard, Santala).

I think we’ll see a few more big moves in the next few days, and then depth moves the final day as teams who are looking to make important moves need time to form chemistry and pick up all available points in the standings. This year will have the tightest race for the final playoff spots yet.


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  1. polastem says:

    This may only be speculation, but it does make sense at least. I agree 100% with the Leafs thing, there's only one problem, they are in the playoffs as we speak, which sucks, cause i wanted them to draft high this year. Toronto will probably want to keep Tucker for the playoff stretch, but with him, Peca and Wellwood each possibly out for the season, it's really hard to imagine Toronto doing much damage in the playoffs. I hope they fall out and draft high, please! ah well, good article though.

  2. Kosovo says:

    Rivet to San Jose no Souray.

  3. ST3V3ISG0D says:

    enuufff already, Let's see some action, w-t-f….this is from an inpatient Detroit fan, fck all the seculations man…..oh wait, it's called hockey trade Rumors, my bad….c'mon Wings!!!!

  4. Hoondog2 says:

    You are not a true Leafs fan! I for one like this Leafs team, and i'm not saying they will win the cup, but if they make the playoffs, and the other teams choose to underestimate, and not match the work ethic, and intensity of the Leafs then the Leafs may do better than most people think!

  5. Hoondog2 says:

    I find this article to be quite amusing and ironic, a Habs fan saying all they need to do is move Souray, yet Toronto must start to rebuild. 

  6. woodsco85 says:

    TSN was reporting that all three; Tucker, Wellwood, and Peca would be ready for post season action

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