MP's HTR Fantasy Hockey Pool Guide

I like the previous Top 50 Fantasy Player, this is more like a guide with deeper advices. I will list the players of each field, and I will tell you who could be the surprising players:Player #1

Lemieux Mario (PIT)

Jagr Jaromir (WAS)

Sakic Joe (COL)

Elias Patrik (NJ)

Kovalev Alexei (PIT)

Weight Doug (STL)

Sykora Petr (NJ)

Personally, I think Jagr will not have a good start. Kovalev you might have a doubt on since he had one surprising last season. Elias and Sykora, well…i think you should go for which one you think will score the most points, not just goals. You’d rather have a player who can score 3 assists rather than a goal scorer who might score 2. Which in this case, i think Weight is the surprise player. He replaces Turgeon who had a good season, and Weight will most likely play with the team’s top scorer, Tkachuck being capable of scoring 40 g’s.

Player #2

Straka Martin (PIT)

Selanne Teemu (SJ)

Kariya Paul (ANA)

Forsberg Peter (COL)

Bure Pavel (FLA)

Fleury Theo (NYR)

Palffy Zigmund (LA)

This is the toughest choice. Obviously, take Forsberg out of there so it leaves you with fewer players to choose from. Now, thing about this league, look for the players who are NOT injury prone. You cannot change players once you froze them for the deadline, so make your changes before the deadline. I think Straka will be the most comfortable Pens player on the team, why? He got what he wanted…an extension. Then you have Selanne who should lead the Sharks in scoring, but he does play with a defensive tough team, so expect him to score 35 goals the most. Bure is with his brother, you can take your chances on this because it won’t matter if Valerie will not play well in one night, chances for Pavel scoring are always high.

Kariya is a big risk to pick. I think he will be the only scorer on the Ducks, along with Friesen(hint), and he will rack up points finishing with a minus rating. Why is he a risk? He is on the same boat as Lindros. One more hit on Kariya and he is out. So, it’s a tough choice. I don’t think the Kings will be as strong offensively, but Palffy will score 30 goals again. Problem with that is that he is the only one who will score the most. So, you take a risk there if Palffy gets shut down two straight games. So many sources and hockey analysist say that Fleury looks fired up and that he will have the same productive season as last year, but he should finish his season completed. I think he is a good choice. Number one, if Lindros does not do squat, or if he is injured, Fleury still remains the number one player. Fleury plays on the PK, and he scored many last season, and he will rack up assists on the PP.

Player #3

Allison Jason (BOS)

Recchi Mark (PHI)

Hejduk Milan (COL)

Mogilny Alexander (TOR)

Yashin Alexei (NYI)

Robitaille Luc (DET)

Dvorak Radek (NYR)

Ok, you can count Allison out, unless he gets traded in the next couple of weeks. So, you’re left with 6 players who will all score. They are all good scorers. Who will be the best? Well, if you’re an Avs fan then you pick Hejduk, a Rangers fan would pick Dvorak, a Wings fan picks Lucky Luc, and so on and so on. Don’t be stupid, if you want to win this Pool, play smart. Dvorak wil rack up goals, and look for him to also score on the PK. But, he will not score 80 points. Will Hejduk…possibly, will Robitaille? No, he will score goals for the main part. How about Mogilny? Don’t risk it on this guy, somehow he is not put on the Sundin line, yet. I think Mogilny will score 30ish, but around 60 points. How about Yashin? No, Yashin will score around 65 to 70 points, but he will have minus ratings, and don’t depend on this guy. So, my pick is Recchi. I think he will only score 25 goals, but his Assists will be around 65 or more. Play smart, think who could score POINTS not just goals.

Player #4

Modano Mike (DAL)

Hossa Marian (OTT)

Arnott Jason (NJ)

Leclair John (PHI)

Guerin Bill (BOS)

Roenick Jeremy (PHI)

Sundin Mats (TOR)

This is what’s going in my mind when I see this group: monkey teaches other monkeys how to do math. Well, these are the players who i would cut out, Arnott and Hossa. Arnott will not reach 30 goals, and he could score 55 points the most. Hossa will play on a defensive style team, and he is one player on one line that can score. So, Hossa has a high chance of being shut down many times. Sundin, well he will score PP goals, but he will not score 80 points, so unless you think he will surprise everyone, then pick him. LeClair, do not pick this guy. As much as I’d love to have him picked, and he could score 40 goals, he is now an injury prone player. If he is out, he is out. You cannot afford to lose LeClair for a week and not receive anything. Roenick will score 30, but I do not see him score over 70 points either. My best pick would be Modano. He has so much weight off his back that he will be no longer be looked upon as Dallas only major scorer. I think Modano will score around 85 this season.

Player #5

Damphousse Vincent (SJ)

Nedved Petr (NYR)

Tanguay Alex (COL)

Primeau Keith (PHI)

Drury Chris (COL)

Oneill Jeff (CAR)

Naslund Markus (VAN)

Sorry, but you will have to guess for this group. Cut O’Neill and Primeau out because they will not score 70 points. Naslund, well, he is risky. Again, he is also on the injury prone side and if he is gone…you’re losing points from players like Drury, Nedved, Damphy, and Tanguay. Nedved will rack up about the same as last season, 75 probably. Then you get to pick who will be better, Drury or Tanguay? Drury. And Damphy, well…he too is injury prone, so a risk as well. My pick would be Drury. Since Forsberg will be out, Drury will receive more ice time, which will give him more points.

Player #6

Iginla Jarome (CGY)

Lecavalier Vincent (TB)

Oates Adam (WAS)

Hull Brett (DET)

Smyth Ryan (EDM)

Amonte Tony (CHI)

Fedorov Sergei (DET)

Out of all these guys, who do you think will finish with the most goals? Not points, goals. Don’t take chances on Oates, Smyth, and Lecavalier. Look for Brett Hull scoring 35+ goals. Amonte will have his mind on his contract, so he is not worth the risk. Iginla will score 30, no doubt. But, with him as the lone scorer of the team, he too can be easily shut down and have a cold streak. Federov, I think he is lazy and all he sees is Anna naked on a shell with angels covering her bosoms. WAKE UP! Federov could go into a lame year where he will score but look lazy. Hull will receive the passes from almost anyone on the team, so expect him to score.

Player #7

Czerkawski Mariusz (NYI)

Bondra Peter (WAS)

Tkachuk Keith (STL)

Bonk Radek (OTT)

Lindros Eric (NYR)

Gagne Simon (PHI)

Turgeon Pierre (DAL)

If Czerkawski was once able to score 80 points, without Yashin, then watch him do it again this season. You can pick this guy as the sleeper, who most people might not want to pick. Will Bondra score? Ohhoohohoyes he will. On the PP and he will score around 36-45 goals, more than Jagr. Lindros? Nuh uh, forget about him, he is injury prone. Not like Gagne and Bonk will score 70 points, so…nee. Go with Tkachuk on this one. If Tkachuk plays with Weight, then he is that guy to pick in this group. Turgeon’s ice time will be limited, so he could score less than last season, go for Keith Tkachuk.

Player #8

Sullivan Steve (CHI)

Shanahan Brendan (DET)

Hlavac Jan (PHI)

Bure Valeri (FLA)

Demitra Pavol (STL)

Nolan Owen (SJ)

Satan Miroslav (BUF)

Don’t rely on Sullivan. He had his major season last year, don’t risk the chance he will do it again. Hlavac’s ice time is limited, although his PP goals could mean something. Do not expect this guy to score 30 g’s, 25 at max, but a total of 60 points probably. Nolan might score more goals this time. He has a high possibility to score 85 as he did two seasons ago…so I do encourage you to pick him if you think he is a sleeper. Valeri Bure could be a good pick, but if Pavel Bure is stopped then so will Valeri. I think he is able to score 80 points, so if you want…you can pick him. I think Satan will play well, with a better offensive team, but he will not score 70 points. My best pick would be Demitra. Now, I could be wrong on this one because he is very injury prone, but if he has a healthy season, watch him score 35 goals.

Player #9
Savard Marc (CGY)

Reichel Robert (TOR)

Yzerman Steve (DET)

Cassels Andrew (VAN)

Marleau Patrick (SJ)

Friesen Jeff (ANA)

Gomez Scott (NJ)

I hate this group. I think Cassels will do well, but he could miss some games here and there, then there is Savard who might get 65 points, then there is Yzerman who could end up with 75 points, and Gomez who has a chance to score 70, but less than Yzerman. My two picks would be Friesen and Marleau. Friesen will play with Kariya, so he has a chance of scoring many goals, but there is still the chance of Kariya getting injured, so it will cost you a lot, because Friesen by himself cannot do much. Marleau is set to play with Graves and Selanne. You figure that he will be involved with almost evrey goal the Selanne and Graves would score, so he is my pick.

Player #10

Alfredsson Daniel (OTT)

Stumpel Jozef (LA)

Richards Brad (TB)

Ferraro Ray (ATL)

Whitney Ray (CLU)

Francis Ron (CAR)

Smolinski Bryan (LA)

This is getting a bit harder now. I think the only player to end up the season with the most points, out of this group, is Stumpel. I think he is injury prone, but he can have a healthy season, centering Palffy. Richards will have his sophomore year, as you all know about the sophomore jinx, it’s not a risk to take.

Player #11

Samsonov Sergei (BOS)

Daze Eric (CHI)

Bertuzzi Todd (VAN)

Kozlov Viktor (FLA)

Thornton Joe (BOS)

Mceachern Shawn (OTT)

Zhamnov Alex (CHI)

Here you have a battle between three players. Cut Zhamnov, McEarchen, Bertuzzi, and Daze…they will not score a lot of points, not goals…points. You can take a chance on Samsonov, but he will not be the player to most likely score more than 60 points. So, it’s now a battle of Thornton and Kozlov, both are their teams first line center. Between the two, I will take a chance on Kozlov. This could be his breakout year if he plays with the Bure bros. Or, you can try Thornton, who will play with Guerin, but I think because of Allison…Thornton might not play well. So, this choice depends on you.

Player #12

Audette Donald (DAL)

Willis Shane (CAR)

Perreault Yanic (MTL)

Peca Michael (NYI)

Nieuwendyk Joe (DAL)

Linden Trevor (WAS)

Rucchin Steve (ANA)

Audette can score, but will not end up with many points, Willis will not score 60 points, Perrault will not score 60 points, Peca is not a 60 point scorer, Nieuwendyk will not score as much because of limited ice time, and Rucchin has a high injury prone. Guess what? Who is really going to center with Jagr? I think Oates, but will demand a trade, so count him out. Who will center Jagr? Halpern? No and he is still not signed. Linden could be the key to this one. If Linden plays with Jagr, man your points from this guy will help. Is it a risk? Yes, it is. So if you want to go with the secure 25+ goal scorer, then Audette is your pick. But, if you want many total points, then Linden can be the one.

Player #13

Berezin Sergei (PHO)

Langkow Daymond (PHO)

Sanderson Geoff (CLU)

Messier Mark (NYR)

Ronning Cliff (NAS)

Holik Bobby (NJ)

Modin Fredrik (TB)

Your best move here is to take the player who will score the most goals. Don’t get Modin, he had one good season but Lecavalier is yet not signed, so don’t risk it. Holik will not score 25+ goals this season, he will concentrate on being the valuable tough playoff worthy player. Sandersson could be a great pick. He can definitely score 25 or plus goals, since he is the only big scorer on the team. Messier will not score 60 points, as I predict, so count him out. Now, between Langkow and Berezin, who would you pick? Well, the guy who will end up scoring more, Berezin. He will be the best skater on the team with the better talent, so he can definitely score 25+.

Player #14

Havlat Martin (OTT)

Hecht Jochen (EDM)

Connolly Tim (BUF)

Deadmarsh Adam (LA)

Carter Anson (EDM)

Lapointe Martin (BOS)

Knutsen Espen (CLU)

Simply, I would go with the playmakers here. So, cross out Lapointe, Carter, Deadmarsh, Hecht, and Havlat. Between Connolly and Knutsen? Well, I figure Connolly will have better wingers, like Satan and Afinogenov, so he might end up scoring 60 points this season, but it will definitely be a career high for Tim.

Player #15

Gaborik Marian (MIN)

Legwand David (NAS)

Morrow Brenden (DAL)

Roberts Gary (TOR)

Morrison Brendan (VAN)

Gelinas Martin (CAR)

Rucinsky Martin (MTL)

Here is what I am thinking at this moment………nothin`. What’s there to say? You look at this and all you think is….well…………nothin`. Maybe….Gelinas?…nee….Morrison? Maybe….Morrow? Nooo…..Rucinsky? Injury prone, Gaborik? Basically, my pick would be Gaborik if he played with Andrew Brunette. Gaborik can score a career high in points. What about Legwand? Nashville don’t score much…so not worth it. My guesses are Gaborik, Morrison, and Roberts, who led the Leafs last season, but he will have a different role this season.

Player #16

Pronger Chris (STL)

Leetch Brian (NYR)

Lidstrom Nicklas (DET)

Blake Rob (COL)

Ozolinsh Sandis (CAR)

Macinnis Al (STL)

Schneider Mathieu (LA)

Oh my God…this is just painful to watch. Since the Avs are short on defensemen, it will make Blake pay more attention to the defense. Ozolinsh is not a risk to take when you have these players. Schneider, well…he could be the sleeper so if you want to pick different from others, pick him. MacInnis, he is getting old and I’m not sure how he will play this season, the same? more offense? less offense? Pronger is a great defenseman obviously. But, who would you most likely want to have in defense? Someone who can score. It’s between Leetch and Lidstrom. I know Leetch will not get picked up a lot by many HTR members here. Which is actually stupid to not choose Leetch because he is a Ranger. If Leetch ends up with more points than Lidstrom or Blake, and you lose because of those points, wouldn’t you feel stupid? I think Lidstrom will do less offensively because of the strong offense the Wings have. Leetch will have a better team with probably better goaltending, and has a ton of pressure off him. So, he would feel comfy to score more goals, and play better defense. If you want to take the d-man with the most point scoring capability, Leetch could be your choice.

Player #17
Zubov Sergei (DAL)

Jovanovski Ed (VAN)

Housley Phil (CGY)

Desjardins Eric (PHI)

Niinimaa Janne (EDM)

Rafalski Brian (NJ)

Gonchar Sergei (WAS)

Again, it all comes down to who will score more points? Gonchar, Rafalski, and Zubov are the top choices here. I would take Gonchar over anyone. I think the Caps PP will be number one next season. However, Rafalski could be a main scorer on the PP as well since Mogilny is missing, and Zubov might have a better come back season. It’s your choice, but these guys are the top three to choose from.

Player #18

Tverdovsky Oleg (ANA)

Redden Wade (OTT)

Mcgillis Dan (PHI)

Kaberle Tomas (TOR)

Niedermayer Scott (NJ)

Sydor Darryl (DAL)

Svehla Robert (FLA)

The player who will mostly score here is Tverdosky. However, Tverdosky might have to play a more defensive style game this season, so he might just receive more assists. My next pick is Niedermayer. I don’t think the other guys will end up scoring more than Scotty, so you might as well take the d-man who will score more.

Player #19

Hasek Dominik (DET)

Cechmanek Roman (PHI)

Roy Patrick (COL)

Brodeur Martin (NJ)

Kolzig Olaf (WAS)

Joseph Curtis (TOR)

Potvin Felix (LA)

Again, I think this one will be decided by the goalie you favor the most. Obviously, if your goalie is injured, or plays bad…then you can pray that your other players will score. I would cut Potvin, he is risky. As for the others. Cujo might be distracted by contract talks, and Leafs defense might not look great. Marty Brodeur is my pick for this group. Why? He will play the most games. If you are undecided on which goalie to choose, grab the one that will play the most. Brodeur lacks a back up, so he will be playing many games.

Player #20

Belfour Ed (DAL)

Lalime Patrick (OTT)

Nabokov Evgeni (SJ)

Irbe Arturs (CAR)

Salo Tommy (EDM)

Hedberg Johan (PIT)

Richter Mike (NYR)

A tough selection. I would cut Belfour, he still could be risky, and watch Turco play more games. Lalime could be considered a good pick, but how will Ottowa do? Hedberg, go ahead and take a chance, but he will not play that much. Richter is injury prone and he still has yet to prove how much he can play. Salo will play an awful lot, again, but how will the Oilers do without Weight? Nabokov is a good pick, but how many games will he play? Irbe is my top choice here, because he will play so many games. One thing though is that who knows how well the Canes will do, same for the Oilers. So, this time…I would go with the winning team, which in this case…I believe will be San Jose.

This is MP’s HTR Fantasy Hockey Pool Guide. If you have any questions or comments, go ahead and post them or leave private message. Now, this is just my advice, if you want to criticize my advice then don’t even bother…all you have to do is not take my advice. Well, hope this will help you.

Thank You

Micki Peroni