Murphy on Leafs: Luongo not the only option

But what we have to consider here is that the Leafs are looking at other options; options that may not cost as much as Luongo in the short term and long term.

What about Jaroslav Halak in St. Louis? He went 26-12-7 last season with a 1.97 GAA and .925 save percentage and still sits second on the depth chart behind Brian Elliott. Or what if Nonis and company felt like Jonathan Bernier was ready for prime time but never got the chance to show it behind Jonathan Quick.

Many have said that the firing of Brian Burke would grease the skids for Nonis to make the Luongo deal with Vancouver. Many argued Burke’s hatred of long-term, back-diving contracts and his dislike of Gillis would have gotten in the way of any potential deal for Luongo. And perhaps that’s true.

However, Nonis has bones to pick with the Canucks organization too. Remember it was Nonis that was fired by Vancouver’s current ownership group and replaced by Mike Gillis. You don’t think Nonis can hold a grudge? I do. I just think he hides such a grudge better than Burke.