Next Year we will have a better chance….

This year I hope the Leafs can make the playoffs, if they do I’m still not convinced they belong though. The team is just way too inconsistent, their needs to be some changes. With the salary cap going up next season, and the Leafs with some excess spending money, they will definitely make some upgrades.

The Leafs need players that are willing to come hard to play every night, they need positive players, they need leadership, and last but not least a sniper. They must get rid of the dead weight that is holding them down.

Players to get rid of:

O’neill- way too inconsistant
Peca- what a waste, he sucks anyway
Aubin- wow what happened to last year
Belak, I like the guy but hes just not good at hockey

Players to acquire:

Kariya- Finally a player that can keep up with Sundin
Garon- A good goalie, getting better as time goes on, would do well sharing time with Raycroft.

Thats all!!!, thats the only moves.

Final Roster:

Kariya/Sundin/Tucker—-Great goal scoring line.
Poni/Wellwood/Antropov–Good goal scoring line.
Steen/Perrault/Devereaux-Average scoring line, good forechecking line.
Battaglia/Stajan/Kilger–hard working goal when you least expect it line.



I dont know what to do with Pohl so I just left him out, I’m sure he can be a fill in, unless he progresses much more.

Tell me what you think…