NHL on the Lookout for Suspicious Gambling Activity

The National Hockey League (NHL) has hired a gambling watchdog to monitor and look for any suspicious gambling activity. This move comes as the NHL prepared to inaugurate a La Vegas team. With NHL betting picks, suspicious gambling activity can be an indicator of cheating in the sport. Sportradar is the sports data company that was hired by NHL, the contract financial terms was not disclosed.

Sportradar is a Switzerland corporation that collects sports data and analyzes it, it is partly owned by the National Football League (NFL). Sportradar is already in business with two of the four major U.S Sports leagues. They will expand to three out of four major U.S sports leagues when they complete the deal with the NBA. The multinational sports data company is almost closing a $250 million contract with the NBA.

The National Basketball Association commissioner said that opposition to legal sports betting in the U.S seems to be inevitable. There is an awakening among the major sports leagues in U.S as they oppose sports betting in the U.S. Some of the NHL owners have shown that they are also welcoming the idea.

Sportradar managing director Andreas Krannich said that about a year ago, discussions with the NHL began at the time the company became a data distribution partner. The multinational company also has integrity deals with the German Ice Hockey League as well as the International Ice Hockey Federation.

In a statement, Andreas pointed out how the gambling cancer had spread in the sport. He added that there already exists an international crime looking at the gambling topic and how it affects sports.

Nine months ago, Major League Baseball contracted Genius Sports and signed an integrity agreement. Genius Sports is also a sports data collecting and analyzing company that monitors global betting. At that time, the Baseball officials wanted to protect the credibility of the sport.

Commissioner Gary Bettman said that the NHL move to Las Vegas would not be deterred by the fact that sports betting are legal. As long as he knew, hockey was the least wagered on sport as compared to other major sports. According to statistics by Nevada gaming control board, hockey was in the category of ‘other’ sports that circulated $336 million by that time. In the year ended on April 30, $1.8 billion was wagered on football while basketball followed with $1.4 billion.

In a statement, Bettman added despite the fact that we have utmost confidence in the integrity of the sports and games, Sportradar offered extra security and protection.

Ted Leonsis the Washington Capitals owner, cofounder of Revolution Growth and an investor in Sportradar did not partake in the negotiations between the NHL and Sportradar. Other notable investors in Sportradar are Michael Jordan and Mark Cuban. Revolution Growth is an investment firm.

In 2000, Petter Fornaess with Tore Steinkjer started Market monitor providing services for bookmakers. In 2001, its name was changed to Betradar.com and continued to expand their services. In 2007, Sportradar was founded by the owners of Market Monitor and it and they renamed Market Monitor to Sportradar.


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