The NHL put a new offer on the bargaining table for the NHL Players’ Association on Tuesday morning, which includes a 50/50 split of hockey-related revenue across the board and contingent on an 82-game season beginning Nov. 2.

“We hope we’ve given our best shot,” NHL commissioner Gary Bettman told reporters on Tuesday afternoon.

Bettman added that the offer calls for no salary rollback and the revised schedule – if implemented – would see one week of training camp and every team playing an extra regular season game every five weeks.

NHLPA executive director Donald Fehr said the offer – which is at least six years in length –  would be discussed with his membership in a 5pm et conference call.

“I would like to believe that after we’re done with this, as I said, that it’ll be an excellent starting point and we can go forward and see if there’s a deal to be made,” Fehr told reporters on Tuesday.

“Our hope after we review this is that there will be a feeling on the players’ side that this will be a proposal from which we can negotiate and try and reach a conclusion.”

When asked if the new proposal was an improvement over previous offers tabled by the NHL, Fehr added: “In some respects I think it is in other respects I’m not sure. We have to look at it.”



  1. 93killer93 says:

    If there ends up being a season, I’m pretty worried that the Leafs might call up Reilly. I think he could play pro right now, but seeing how good he’s doing in junior, I would rather they let him develop.

    • Shoelesshobo says:

      I would not be too worried I mean Burke is the guy who left Ryan and Co down when everyone was calling for a call up.

      Anyways to the 50/50 that is the best news I have heard all week. Glad to see the owners giving something now and really it is a fair deal.

      • dumbassdoorman says:

        it is a more than fair deal, lol, they have no idea how good they have it. Whether carreers are short lived or not. Lets see them get real jobs and see how much they wanna play for what wasn’t fair before…..lol

        • mojo19 says:

          Yep it sounds like a pretty reasonable deal to me. I can’t imagine the players getting too greedy here with a counter proposal. Maybe some minor adjustments to the fine print, but based on my understanding of the current proposal the skeleton of this deal looks pretty fair to me.

        • 93killer93 says:

          I’m on the other side for this. I would rather the guys that go out there and perform every night get paid instead of the business men that made this a bigger problem for themselves. If the owners had a problem with paying all this money to the players they shouldn’t have agreed to the ridiculous 10 year contracts that we’ve seen.

          Are hockey players over paid? Yes, but if someone offers you millions of dollars are you honestly going to turn it down.

          • mojo19 says:

            Yes Killer, that’s all good and well, but put yourself in the owners shoes for a second. You own the Chicago Blackhawks, the year is 2009, and July 1st is approaching. You think that prized UFA Marion Hossa could put your team over the top and win a championship. But his agent is demanding huge dollars, long term, has received several offers, and wants the security.

            What do you do? Do you say, “no, you’re not worth it. I’m standing my ground.” Or are you competitive? Do you want to win a championship? So he signs Hossa, and he wins the Cup. Had to give him 12 years to do it, but hey that’s the way it goes.

            Owners are competitive too.

            Now, let’s suppose that the Blackhawks lose $15 million the following year (they didn’t, but hypothetically, bare with me). Do you think Marion Hossa would say “Aw jeez, I feel terrible that me and my agent held out for so much money up front on that contract. Here take a bit back.”

            Owners take on the risk, owners invest their hundreds of millions they earned from other businesses, owners are competitive, owners have to adhere to the demands of the players and their agents. Let’s be fair here.

            Think about how many NHL teams go up for sale all the time. It’s unreal. Too many millionaires hemorrhaging millions of dollars each year who have to get rid of their teams. The Devils were just in the Stanley Cup final for God’s sake, and their Russian owner can’t give that team away!

            I think the players are compensated very well for what they do. League minimum is a respectable $550K which is more than the average Canadian earns in 12 years.

            How can anyone actually still side with the players? Play hockey, quit whining.

            • mojo19 says:

              The only player I can recall who ever gave money back to ownership is Steve Yzerman to the Illitch family in the summer of 2001, so that they could afford to sign Brett Hull, Luc Robitaille, and trade for Dominic Hasek.

              Yzerman is such a class act, he just wanted to win. What a guy. Oh and he led the Wings in scoring in the playoffs on 1 leg that year and single handily ruined the Blues in the 2nd round.

    • lafleur10 says:

      i think the leafs will leave him in moosejaw and let him develop they know that if they rush him and he isn’t ready they’ll ruin him

      • mojo19 says:

        Ya, and as was mentioned above by hobo, Burkie is not the type of GM to rush young prospects. He left Bobby Ryan in the minors for 4 seasons before bringing him up at age 22, and he was knocking on the door of the NHL since he was drafted.

  2. 93killer93 says:

    It seems the only contract changes from the old CBA is max contract length is 5 years, and Free agency gets pushed back a year.

    I wonder how much the players threat to ask for no cap if they couldn’t have a full season pressured the owners.

    • mojo19 says:

      I bet it played a factor. I wonder if Fehr was maybe hoping that his legacy would be that he got rid of the cap for the players. Maybe they’ll still hold out? Who knows, but I think this is a pretty fair deal for both sides.

    • reinjosh says:

      I’ve seen two separate reports saying ELC’s would be 4 years and 2 years. So not sure what the actual proposal has.

      I expect that a limit will be placed on the contracts, but it won’t be five. 7 I think is justified and could be a pill swallowed by the players. I also think that RFA’s will get sort of thrown under the bus, giving the league 4 year entry level contracts.

      I wonder how the player’s deal with the 28 years old or 8 seasons instead of 27 and 7 years for UFA status though.

      • mojo19 says:

        Used to be they had to be 31 to become UFA, unless they were group IV or V, loopholes like players with 5+ years experience earning under league average, etc.

        But I think they should make ELC’s a bit longer. I don’t like how so many players are being paid based on potential. They should have to prove themselves a bit longer to avoid Rostislav Olesz type deals, etc.

        It used to be that a veteran player in his 30’s would get his UFA deal and become overpaid based on the career he had had (ie. Bill Guerin getting $9 million/season from Dallas or Holik’s $9 million per year deal from NYR), now we give 21 year olds long big money deals based on what they should be.

        Neither is a great system in my mind. I think extending ELC’s to 4 years would be a step in the right direction.

        • reinjosh says:

          Yeah clearly the NHL wants to get closer to 31 again to restrict stars from leaving for big pay days, but realizes that they can only ask for so much. 28 is reasonable I think.

          And I agree with you on 4 year ELC’s. I seriously doubt the players are going to agree to a second contract restrictive system similar to the ELC system so a 4 year ELC would help the owners be more comfortable without it.

          And your reasoning is exactly why I think it would work. Players give up that extra year (moving from 3 years to 4) and have to prove themselves over more time, but they don’t get a restrictive second contract system.

          The owners get a little longer to control the price of their young assets and get a little extra time to make sure the player isn’t having an outlier season.

          It’s not perfect but it’s a decent compromise that would be beneficial to both sides.

  3. mojo19 says:

    Would be cool this year if there is a season and the Flames are not doing well. If they really crash and burn, I could see a fire sale (ha Flames…) and maybe move any of Tanguay, Cammalleri, Iggy, Kipper, Jay-Bo.

    Could you imagine? That would be pretty crazy. I think Iginla is exactly what the St.Louis Blues need right now. Of course any team would benefit from Iggy, but the Blues have that rugged team, and he would fit in perfectly, plus they’re close to a championship.

    • reinjosh says:

      It’s never gonna happen. That team is stubbornly committed to moving forward as is and not going through a rebuild. The Hudler and Wideman signings pretty much guaranteed any hope of a firesale is long gone.

      And really, looking at that team, I’m not sure it’s bad enough to not do well. It’s going to be a consistent 7th to 11th team. Not enough to be a cup competitor, but not bad enough to get a top 10 pick (much less a top 5 pick).

      I actually have some hope for their drafting though. It looks far improved over what it was in the mid years for Sutter. Everyone knows about Baertschi but they could have some nice players in John Gaudreau, Reinhart, Jankowski, Siellof.

      • mojo19 says:

        I think they’ll make the playoffs, but if they just have a miserable year I could see a fire sale similar to what happened with the Capitals the year they had to move Jagr, Bondra, Lang, and Gonchar.

        • reinjosh says:

          I’d kind of love that. Build around Baertschi and one of the top guys this year. It would be a pretty sick beginning to a good offense. Say Monahan? That would be a sweet replacement for Iggy.

          Although signing Hudler, Wideman plus Bouwmeester’s contract, kind of locks them into the team. But Tanguay has to be attractive at his contract price. Iggy for sure would be, especially to St Louis (I think they are the perfect place for him). Kipper would be attractive and Gillis’ desire to not settle for Luongo would certainly help the price gained for him.

          Cammilleiri would be the most interesting. I think he would have to start out really well before he could be moved.

          I don’t actually think the team is that bad. If they could improve their defense, they might actually have a shot at making a run. The offense could be pretty good and with Kipper they always have a shot at a game.

  4. 93killer93 says:

    Not sure if anyone saw this but Jason Kay, an editor for the hockey news tweeted this last week.

    There’s strong speculation the NHL could announce two expansion teams for Canada once CBA deal struck: Quebec & Toronto. More in Oct. 29 THN

  5. reinjosh says:

    And the NHLPA doesn’t like the definition of the HRR, which apparently stayed the same as it was under the last CBA. I knew I was getting my hopes up a little too early. The players are going to be stubborn and hold out for more.

    Also 2 year ELC’s, not four which is interesting. With 5 year contract limits, and 8 years accrued time played before being a UFA, it gives teams some flexibility and control on contracts. Make’s it so that second contracts always end in RFA status.

  6. dumbassdoorman says:

    When it boils down to it they are both wrong. That being said, you could have all these super amazing players and they would be making squat with out the owners, period. A 50/50 split is more then fair, especially if you look at the NBA & NFL’s recent deals. Not to mention both these leagues are much stronger is the US markets.

  7. reinjosh says:

    Interesting. The NHL released their entire offer to the public on their site.


    It really seems like the NHL and the owners are trying to win over the fans and make themselves look like the good guys. Releasing this so the NHLPA can’t twist it to look like the NHL is the bad guy. But more importantly, it’s showing the fans that they aren’t being forgotten. Even if its a small gesture.

    Bettman…he’s a smart dude.

    • 93killer93 says:

      The deal seems very fair for both sides. The only problem I see the players having is the cap going down to 59.9mil after this season, and that any AHL contracts over 105k count against the cap. If a deal can’t be reached within the week then it’s the players fault.

      This offer makes me really happy that Burke didn’t do anything this summer, and thank God this doesn’t affect Perry and Getzlaf as UFAs. There’s still a chance, as small as it is.

      • Shoelesshobo says:

        Bettman is truly an evil genius. Honestly if this deal means hockey starts and I get a full season then for the love of god please sign it. I am getting tired of reading




        on HF Boards maybe once the game starts we can find a new player to focus on.

        • 93killer93 says:

          We’ll focus on Getzlaf, just like we did Parise, just like we did Richards, just like we did Kovulchuk. I wish these players would just flat out say I’m not signing in Toronto, so I don’t get my hopes up.

  8. dumbassdoorman says:

    Read this posted by a fan on the TSN website, pretty spot on, evebn for a Sens fan, lol. ” wish I could say I was wrong. When I first read about the proposal, I said that there was no way that the NHLPA would agree to it, because it was a compromise. The PA has no intention of negotiating, that was clear when they did not submit a proposal till August and didn’t move off of it. The NHL has negotiated against itself this whole time. This was a strong and fair proposal open to negotiation and seeing what Fehr wrote here proves to me that they have no intention of actually signing/negotiating a deal that is good for all parties. There will be no hockey this year, and the blame sits squarely on the PA and Donald Fehr. 20 years ago, he killed the Expos, now he’s going to kill the NHL.”

    • reinjosh says:

      I sort of agree. I think Fehr is willing to go the distance and it scares me. However, fan anger is going to come into it I think, and that could really change things.

      What Bettman did releasing the whole offer, mere days after it “leaked” that the NHL was trying to find out what the fans want, is utter genius. Plus with the NHL being the first side to actually offer a good deal, and like that Sens fan said, an actual comprimise, it really paints them on the side of the fan.

      Toss in the “get this done by next Thursday” and the season starts by Nov 2nd, and doesn’t just start but gets a full season order, and the NHL has just won one battle for the fans. They put the onus squarely on the NHLPA and if they reject things, it’s going to make the NHLPA look bad.

      Bettman is a brilliant man and he’s proving it again right now. I may not like him much, but he knows how to get what he wants and he knows how to win. He’s going to do it again here, whether it takes a week or the entire season. He will win and he’s going to destroy Fehr in the process. It’s a bold statement I know, but I honestly think underestimating Bettman is not something I want to do anymore.

      • reinjosh says:


        Good article on the move. I actually love the move. I’m sort of anti-union, or at least the way they exist in Canada. The idea that the NHL is negotiating with a select group from the union and not the entire union is one I very much like.

        • Shoelesshobo says:

          I will join you on that one Josh. Unions from what I have seen and read have caused nothing but trouble.

          • reinjosh says:

            I don’t want to go off topic (although sort of on topic with the labour dispute :P), but the idea of unions is one I agree with. However the way they work, at least in a Canadian context, is one I vehemently oppose. They are power hungry and its not productive to a competitive and strong society. Than again many corporations aren’t either but I hate how only corporations get the “evil” label (evil might be a little harsh but you get what I mean).

            Mini rant over.

            • Shoelesshobo says:

              Well my future employers are what is considered to be the “evil” powerplayers in life I.E Oil And Gas so I rather not be associated with any unions if I can and just let stuff sort itself out.

              But yeah on to the NHL/NHLPA I am torn now with supporting the Owners or supporting no one now as if this new deal gets rejected I feel like it is the players fault it happening.

          • JoelLeafs says:

            Weekends, minimum wages, cost of living increases, benefits, 40 work weeks, overtime, safety standards, child labour laws, abuse laws, rights to negotiate, and just about every other benefit of having a job.

            Unions represent a counter balance; many companies go through great lengths to keep their employees happy enough not to want to unionize. We may come to ‘like’ our employers, but make no mistake, if the large companies that we work for could get away with paying us pennies on the hour and making us work 15 hour days 7 days a week and employing children, they would. In fact, that do, only in places that don’t have the hard fought for benefits that largely unions gave us.

            Like any organization they inevitably become bureaucratic, don’t work perfectly, and are prone to corruption. These facts, however, don’t diminish the standard of living you enjoy in part because of unions.

            If you want to know about unions, don’t read anecdotes, read history. Maybe start with the Winnipeg General Strike.

  9. glotz_99 says:

    What I think is interesting is under the new CBA teams can spend up to the current cap (70.2 million) this season, but the salary cap will drop to around 60 million for the 2013-2014 season.

    According to capgeek.com there are 16 teams whose payroll is above 60 million for this season and some teams such as Vancouver are already over the cap for the 2013-2014 season. I’m going to predict there are going to be alot of salary dump moves around the NHL once this season gets under way.

    • dumbassdoorman says:

      There very well could be some dumps. That being said how many GM’s are going to wanna take on salary without even better compensation for bad contracts then before? Or be gun shy with the group of possible UFA’s looking very good?

  10. LN91 says:

    This is why Burke only signed McClemment during the offseason. He wanted to prepare the Leafs if this situation was to occur.

    If you ask me..Our offseason looks a lot better now considering we did not throw huge money to Jiri Hudler or whoever.

  11. LN91 says:

    I saw the expansion ideas to Quebec and Toronto…

    I would actually prefer Quebec and/or Seattle/Milwaukee

  12. LN91 says:

    Sorry I was away for so long..

    Josh and Joel gave me a 3-month migraine.

  13. 93killer93 says:

    If there ends up being a season this is what I’d like to see happen.

    Grabovski, Bozak, 2nd
    McNeill, 1st

    MacArthur, Gunnarsson
    1st, Oleksiak

    Lupul, Kulemin, Kadri, Franson
    1st, Stewart, Shattenkirk

    Tor-Alex Barkov
    Dal-Max Domi
    Chi-Zach Fucale
    Stl-Jordan Subban

    Ryan Getzlaf 5 years 37.5mil
    Corey Perry 5 years 37.5mil
    Chad LaRose 1 year 1.5mil
    Anthony Stewart 1 year 600k
    Robyn Regehr 1 year 3mil
    Jimmy Howard 5 years 22.5mil




    • mojo19 says:

      I like Jimmy Howard, but I don’t think he’s necessarily great. Stable, absolutely. But I don’t think he’s great.

      I wouldn’t hate it if we signed him, and being American I almost expect it. But I wouldn’t be thrilled.

  14. dumbassdoorman says:

    I am a huge Leaf fan but if Armstrong made that trade even I would kick him in the balls!!!!

  15. glotz_99 says:

    Barring some kind of improbable playoff run, the new ownership will ultimately fire Burke after this season, but the Leafs will still be in good shape to rebuild the team . They will be $20 million under the cap and only have Kulemin, Kessel, Grabovski, Van Riemsdyk, Frattin and Brown signed past next season up front and on defence only Liles is locked up for longer than 2 more seasons. Although the free agent crop looks good now, many of those players will never hit the market, but a number of Leaf prospects are looking real strong in the AHL and CHL, so maybe there are better times ahead for Leafs fans.

  16. Gambo says:

    I’m not sure if anyone commented on this, but I’m really intrigued with this:

    • All years of existing SPCs with terms in excess of five (5) years will be accounted for and charged against a team’s Cap (at full AAV) regardless of whether or where the Player is playing. In the event any such contract is traded during its term, the related Cap charge will travel with the Player, but only for the year(s) in which the Player remains active and is being paid under his NHL SPC. If, at some subsequent point in time the Player retires or ceases to play and/or receive pay under his NHL SPC, the Cap charge will automatically revert (at full AAV) to the Club that initially entered into the contract for the balance of its term.

    Wouldn’t this hugely raise the trade value of some players with terrible contracts (Luongo)or am I just crazy?

    So basically if Toronto traded for Luongo (hypothetically) and say 5 years down the road he retires, does this mean that the Canucks would have to pay his 5.3m cap hit for the next 4 seasons?

  17. Gambo says:

    I know it would be more beneficial for the leafs if there was no season, but I just want to watch hockey. Nothing is better than having a few beers, eating pizza, watching hockey on a Saturday night with your bros. This is my first year since I was 4 where I haven’t been on a hockey team too so I’m kind of REALLY missing hockey.

  18. dumbassdoorman says:

    After watching guys like Dubnyk talk and have some optimism, I then see giant assclowns like Fehr and Gionta, that little puke start to spout off. Gionta you greedy little prick, you chirp about why the owners waited until now to throw this off out there if they really want a season; or Fehr the weasel blames Bettman for locking the players out again, saying there could have been a season and negociations during them? Well I have a question for both of you assclowns, whay did you not go to the table in feb. when approached by the NHL to start CBA talks? Why did you not start right after the season like the NHL asked again? You say they are playing games with us fans, wellc so are you, shithead!!!! This is why I side more to the owners. I hope you both lose a shitload of cash!! At least Bettman has forgone his salary during the lockout as he couldn’t get a deal done, so I believe him when he says he wants one.

  19. glotz_99 says:

    Toronto’s FAN 590 is reporting that a deal between the Maple Leafs and Canucks has been reached and Roberto Luongo will be traded to the Toronto Maple Leafs once the lockout ends.

    Here is the link:

    I’m pretty sick of this rumour, but we heard about the schenn for JVR rumours and the Kessel to Toronto rumours for some time before they actually happened, so this trade may actually come to fruition.

    What do you guys think a fair trade would look like.

    I’m thinking Tim Connoly (or Matthew Lombardi), a 2nd rounder and a prospect.

    • dumbassdoorman says:

      I was reading that the Nucks would like Bozak as the 3rd line centre. I read the Nucks original asking price and just about died laughing.

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