NHL Trade Buzz – Fantasy Impact, Part III

Part three of three in taking a look at some of the trade buzz, which players are available, and what you should do in your hockey pool to prepare for these moves that may or may not happen.

Ottawa Senators – The Sens already added Mike Comrie to the roster and look fairly set. They may add bit parts to ensure that they are covered off for injuries, such as a third-line forward or a fifth or sixth defenseman. Rearguard Joe Corvo finds himself at the bottom of the depth chart and he deserves a more prominent role, so perhaps the team will move him for a stay-at-home defenseman. From a fantasy standpoint, what you see is what you get.

Philadelphia Flyers – Peter Forsberg is gone and the “everything must go” fire sale is not over yet. Goaltender Robert Esche is an unrestricted free agent this summer and with Michael Leighton and Antero Niittymaki on the roster, he is expendable. His bad back will have to heal quickly if the team is to get any reasonable return. Veteran defenseman Derian Hatcher is likely to be the next to go, but with his high salary for the next two seasons the return will be small. Kyle Calder and Mike York are both UFA’s this summer.

Phoenix Coyotes – The Coyotes traded Mike Comrie and Ladislav Nagy and they re-signed Shane Doan, Mike Zigomanis and Mikael Tellqvist. They will lock up Yanic Perreault soon. Owen Nolan and Curtis Joseph will be the only pending UFA’s left. Nolan being traded would surprise me, but Cujo being moved is a possibility if only because the team is quite happy with Tellqvist’s play and they have David LeNeveu waiting in the wings. The price would have to be right though.

Pittsburgh Penguins – The Pens have the seventh-most points in the entire league and have two or three games in hand on five of the six teams that are ahead of them. They are 16-2-3 in their last 21 games and on one hand you have to think that management would not want to tinker with that kind of chemistry. On the other hand, Pittsburgh could use a veteran stay-at-home defenseman and power forward on the wing. Nils Ekman will return to the lineup from his dislocated elbow in about three weeks, but he is the polar opposite of a power forward. Bill Guerin or Keith Tkachuk would fit the mold perfectly, but the price would be high and Pens management would likely shy away from dealing any piece of their fantastic future. Expect them to grab a No. 6 defenseman.

St. Louis Blues – Bill Guerin will be gone. Martin Rucinsky and Keith Tkachuk will likely be moved as well. Eric Brewer is also a possibility. Let the fire sale begin! Expect a slew of prospects who are on the cusp of stepping into the NHL to be acquired by the Blues – and get into the lineup for the final month. Tkachuk in particular will bring an elite prospect to St. Louis (think: Bobby Ryan, Anaheim or Jiri Hudler, Detroit).

San Jose Sharks – The Sharks will be buyers and there is a rumor out there that the team will try and reunite Joe Thornton with his old buddy from Boston Glen Murray. They are also carrying two starting goaltenders and will move one if they get a nice return in the form of a second-line forward and a top backup goalie. The team could also stand pat since they do have the option of recalling Steve Bernier from the minors if they lose any forwards to injury.

Tampa Bay Lightning – The Lightning would love to address some of the holes that they have on their roster – but their back is up against the salary ceiling. Almost $28 million is tied up in Martin St. Louis, Vincent Lecavalier, Brad Richards, Dan Boyle and Filip Kuba. They have about a million dollars in wiggle room and would dearly love to give Brad Richards a scoring linemate. This makes Anson Carter (Columbus) a possibility, or perhaps Kyle Calder (Philadelphia).

Toronto Maple Leafs – The Leafs are in a similar position to where they were last season and so you can expect them to act in the same manner. Last year they acquired Luke Richardson and Aleksander Suglobov and moved Ken Klee. Essentially that is just moving sideways…but adding a prospect. I don’t anticipate the team moving Darcy Tucker or Mats Sundin. They will bow to media pressure and re-sign the former, while to move the latter when they are on the cusp of a playoff position would not go over well either. A rumored trade for former Leaf Gary Roberts is also a possibility, but the team likely will not pay the second-round pick asking price to Florida. Be on the lookout for another sideways move that marginally helps their future.

Vancouver Canucks – With just seven weeks of salary to pay for, the Canucks may be able to finally pick up that scoring winger that they have been searching for. Bill Guerin and Anson Carter are affordable, but Keith Tkachuk is not – unless Vancouver moves some salary in the deal. Kyle Calder is another possibility, as is Richard Zednik if Washington fails to re-sign him.

Washington Capitals – The Caps will likely pack it in for one more season before taking a run next year. Although Dainius Zubrus and Richard Zednik are both potential unrestricted free agents this summer, it is unlikely either will be moved as the team is interested in re-signing them. For the right deal, goaltender Olaf Kolzig could be moved. In all likelihood, this team will be quiet over the next 10 days.

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15 Responses to NHL Trade Buzz – Fantasy Impact, Part III

  1. Senatorsfan78 says:

    Evebody I see the Ottawa Senaotrs getting Gary Roberts and have feeling that the Otttawa Senators are the front runners for Gary Roberts and I have feeling that the Ottawa Senators will get Gary Roberts some time this week or next weekend or next Monday or next Tuesday early morning and I see Ottawa Senators getting Jason Smith or either Aaron Miller or either Eric Brewer or Nick Boyton  out of the four I would like to see Jason Smith when the Ottawa Senators get Jason Smith and Gary Roberts the Ottawa Senators will be my favorite to repersent the East in the cup final!!!!!!

  2. DeathCab says:

    "Toronto Maple Leafs:…Be on the lookout for another sideways move that marginally helps their future."

    You know, I'd be ok with a move like that.  As much as I'd love to see the Leafs go hardcore rebuilding, it just isn't going to happen this year with the Leafs so close to a playoff birth.  So honestly, if they can move some older, less important members out for something a little younger, I'd consider it a successful day for the Leafs (That is assuming they make the playoffs, otherwise it's an opportunity lost to dump a bunch of people)

  3. farmer says:

    Good article. Most seems right on, with no theatrics.

    After watching the Sharks the past few games, I can see them making a splash, if for no other reason than to shake things up. The Sheldon Souray scenario seems to fit quite well on several fronts, it's just a matter of whether Montreal is willing to part with him. 

    As much as I dislike the leafs, I feel the best route would be to fetch a prospect and high pick for Tucker and rebuild for next year, with a healthy group of prospects and some seasoning under Pogge and Steen. Sign a top notch winger in the off season for Sundin, give him carte blanche to pick who he wants to play with. He is too amazing to squander.

    I don't see Carter coming back to the Canucks, but Guerin would be a nice fit. Stumpel would also be a cheap rental who could possibly mesh with Naslund, while providing some size and veteran smarts. Small tweaks is what's on the menu this deadline for the Canucks, as while they have Luongo there is always the possibility of him singlehandedly winning a series. However, I think they are still a year away, to allow for some important players to mature (Bourdon, Edler, Grabner, Kesler) and to trim some of the fat (Bulis, Chouinard, Santala).

    I think we'll see a few more big moves in the next few days, and then depth moves the final day as teams who are looking to make important moves need time to form chemistry and pick up all available points in the standings. This year will have the tightest race for the final playoff spots yet.


  4. halgillfan says:

    wow you get paid to make observations like this?

    my dead grandmother could tell me that the flyers will trade more people, the leafs won't do anything really and the blues will have a firesale

  5. Pony says:

    Thats awfully harsh, wheres your article if your gunna slam this one?

  6. inurface says:

    yo if toronto and tampa want to get better they should make a big time trade like
    Richards to toronto for Mccabe and a high draft pick and someone like Brandon bell………..now that will be a super trade for both teams.

  7. Archion113 says:

    Esche has a bad back, what?

    Thought it was his groin and neck.

  8. trademan says:

    Ditto the above post. Where is yours???????

  9. Dobber says:

    10 bucks says your dead grandmother couldn't tell you that.

    If she could – she probably got the information from me.

  10. pensfan29 says:

    I think the pens should try to acquire a qualtity backup goalie, T-Bo isnt cutting it in my opinion, the pens have a harsh schedule in March and are also going to want to rest fleury as long as they stay in the playoff picture.  I could see Cujo or nittymaki comin to the pens, relatively soon.  We could use a stay at home defenseman and an elite winger

  11. Hoondog2 says:

    Ever heard of punctuation?

  12. BieksaForMVP says:

    To Atlanta: Braydon Coburn, Garnet Excelby
    To Atlanta: Sheldon Souray

    What's does everyone think?

  13. brocarl99 says:

    If Atlanta is willing to part with Coburn, i say Gainey should listen very carefully! A big, strong you D-man who can move the puck is exactly what tha Canadiens lack. He would be a great asset for years to come. Add up Exelby to that for a year or two wouldn't hurt!

  14. brocarl99 says:

    I dont think acquiring a back-up goalie is the most important thing for the Pens. THibault is a valuable back-up. Anyway, Fleury is gonna carry the load most of the year. Getting a veteran defensive defenseman to play with Gonchar and Whitney should be the priority. A guy like Eric Brewer would be a nice addition but the fact a lot of temas want him might means to much to give back. Who else? Maybe Rivet, or guys like Cullimore or Zyuzin who fell off the charts in Calgary.

  15. tacitus says:

    the trade i like for both teams but not really sure if the Ducks have the money is

    Bobby Ryan, Dustin Penner and a 1st rounder to StLouis for Tkachuk and Geurin.

    Another is Adam Foote to Pittsburgh for something minimal

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