NHL Trade Rumours: Habs, Pens like Hemsky?

According to Edmonton radio host and Oilers analyst Bob Stauffer, the Montreal Canadiens or Pittsburgh Penguins — two Eastern Conference clubs known to be looking for help up front — might be interested in Edmonton’s Ales Hemsky. The veteran winger has a chance to showcase his skills in Sochi, but only registered a single assist in 30 minutes of ice time through the Czech Republic’s first three games.

Hemsky is in the second year of a two-year, $10-million contract. The Oilers, Stauffer says, will likely have to retain some of that salary if they are to successfully move Hemsky or fellow pending free agent Nick Schultz.
“The San Jose Sharks have been bird-dogging the Oilers a lot over about the last three weeks,” Stauffer points out, “We saw a lot of the San Sharks Jose pro scouts on the road.”