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History of slot machine symbols

Slots are the most popular form of gambling. Wherever you are in the world, you will not find a casino without a slot machine. Long gone are the days with slot machines with dinging bells and mechanical reels, now casinos both online like King Casino video slots and offline offer a variety of slots with exciting symbols, excellent animations, and 3D graphics. In this blog post, we will be going through the history of slot machine symbols from 100 years ago to today.

Online slots – the fastest growing industry?

Along with the online casino industry, online slots have seen a boom over the last couple of decades – as it should have. With a massive choice of card games, endless roulette options, bingo games, jackpot games and more casino games than ever before people are flocking to play the latest online game on Slots UK casino.

The digitisation of online slots and other new games that can be found at an online casino has certainly contributed to this growth. And, as there is a new casino popping up more often than not online, that with top casino offers means online slots and casino games are more attractive than ever. 

Gameplay review of Mermaid Millions Slot

Under the sea is clearly where the real fun is to be had, especially with the glimmering underwater world inspired slot game, Mermaid Millions. Based on the beautiful and alluring fish-tailed fairy-tale legend created by Christian Anderson, Mermaid Millions will have you absolutely enchanted and with any luck, you’ll come up to the surface with a treasure chest full of riches. Be wary though, as not all mermaids are friendly, and with a reputation for luring sailors to a grim fate, you’ll have to keep your eye on the sly sea creatures on the reels! If you want to play Mermaid Millions click here!

Blackjack Myths Debunked

Blackjack is a staple of any good casino.

Be it an online casino or one in the middle of a thriving Las Vegas street, blackjack and casinos just go hand in hand.

The fairly simple card game is nothing short of a global phenomenon, dating back to as early as the 17th century and perhaps even beyond that. Known as 21, Twenty-One, Pontoon and by other names across the world, the American version of the iconic card game is perhaps the best known and most played.

It is a game with a rich culture even within it’s playership, as aspects such as traditions and card counting exists within blackjack, making it a really unique way to gamble that is like little else. Like with so many aspects of popular culture, blackjack does not come without it’s conspiracies, misconceptions and myths. There are still a lot to learn about table games.

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Would you trade Luongo and Ballard for Kessel

With all of the trade talk out there with Kessel and Luongo  it would be interesting to see fans reaction to a possible trade that could benefit both teams. Would you be willing to do this deal? What else would have to be done to sweeten the pot?

Please comment and have your say.

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If you had no team, which would you choose?

Let’s have some fun and consider if you were new to the NHL and ice hockey and had to choose a favorite team, which three teams would be your choices, and why?

Imagine you don’t live in North America so location has nothing to do with the selection. Imagine you were European and had a satellite feed of the NHL but had no connections to any of the teams/players.

A little game


for my first article on this site I tought of a little activity.

One player – Who would you take?

Say you could add one player to your team. Who would you add? Who is the one best player that could make the difference for your team?

What was the best ever trade in the NHL?

Let’s get this HTR Fun section kicked off right. HTR Fun is meant to be an area of the site where members can debate cartain topics.

The first debate is the following;

What was the best trade in NHL History?