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Report: Habs sign forward Kostopoulos

TSN’s sister station in Quebec RDS reports that the Montreal Canadiens have signed forward Tom Kostopoulos to a two-year contract worth $900,000 a season.

Habs Free Agent Signings

This article is solely based on my opinion and what I think about the signings by the Habs. With that said, at first i hated the Hamrlik and Smolinski signings but, if one were to truly think about it, they are fairly good signings possibly bordering great signings.

No More Signings In Montreal, Ryder Going In Arbritration…

RDS is reporting that the Canadiens may be done with free agency…

Bon Gainey confirmed that if something were to happen, it would probably be a trade. He also confirmed that the Canadiens weren’t interested by Alexei Yashin and/or Brendan Shanahan.

In Bob We Trust…Yeah right!

Well Bob, it’s been another free agent frenzy and the Habs remain unimproved. You don’t manage to sign Briere. Okay….we can’t get everyone. You don’t manage to sign Gomez. Hmmm…this is starting to look similar to last year.

What we need to succeed!

It’s the day before the free agency market! Montreal is a major buyer at this years UFA giveaway. But what do we really need? Sure we could try to go for Gomez and Yashin and Kariya, but will they lead us to the the 25 Stanley Cup? Here’s what our team looks like as of now, including our UFA’s who might leave. Now some might say we could insert Garth Murray or Aaron Downey into the (empty) spots, but (empty) signifies the lack of a solid player who will fill that spot all season barring injury.

Think outside the BOX – Line up

Hi everybody, it’s my first writing out here but I’m reading you guys at least once by week. I heard about Things like Marleau (that I found would be the best pick for Montréal since 2 years, bu they won’t do it), Briere, Yashin, Drury…. You don’t find that all this is too easy to think and that something more underground or just more flashy could happen. Bob never thinks like the Habs fans and everytime he did a move we are all surprised or chocked. So Here quickly what I’m seeing the habs could do.

An Analysis of our future talent.

This is my first news post on HTR , I’ll try not to rattle on too much.Montreal is truly a great team with a huge amount of depth and prospects to fill up our lines for years. I’m tired of hearing Marleau, Briere , Yashin…

Canadiens summer situation

Hi there and welcome to what may be a regular “reality check” to Montreal Canadien fans. This will basically depend on the fury that will strike their heart next season when Brière/Drury/Any UFA who will sign will have a bad two week period.

RFAs qualified, Cullimore and Salmelainen waived

Courtesy of RDS and

Michael Lambert was not given a qualifying offer, and has now become a free agent.

Habs Cap Space

I’ve done a little research to find out just how much Cap room the Habs actually have. As of this very moment (June 26, 2007, 3:22 pm) the Habs have $31.034 million dedicated to the Cap. Thats also with Ryder, Plekanec, Milroy and Gorges not signing yet.

Habs fans be patient!!!!

We all now as Habs fans the situation in Montreal. UFA’s are hard to come by for the many reason’s we have all heard before. Until now our minor system has been not very good, so now that is looking promising some of us want to trade it all away for a potential quick fix!! then there are those who think we can make a deal and give away nothing!!!!

Habs and ther fans

Since I began submitting my thoughts on the Habs on this site, i have come to realize just how ignorant Canadiens fans are. We demand too much from our best and when they don’t perform, we demand they get traded. Everyone’s drooling at the prospect of having Marleau or Briere but i guarantee that if one of them does become a Hab, once they go through a slight slump, every single person on this site will demand they get traded and demand Gainey’s head.

What's next for Habs

Draft is done and the spectacular blockbuster involving Marleau didn’t happen. Some say it’s because the Sharks want to make sure they will get Drury others say it’s simply because Marleau isn’t going anywhere.