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Latest leaf rumor

There is a rumor floating that it is Brendan Witt and a 2nd rounder coming for Kronwall and Antropov can anybody add to this or anyone know about anything else to help our blueline

A Question For The Leaf Fans

A Question For The Leaf Fans

Listening to Leaf fans rant about the lack of scoring wingers, solid defenders, and good goaltending really gets me wondering what proposed solutions to our unstable Toronto Maple Leafs would really help our team and more importantly be a realistic option. Fans complain about the likes of O’Neill, Allison, Lindros, Berg, Klee and Khavanov but which team would be willing to acquire these liabilities.

Klee, who is obviously overpaid, still puts in a solid effort night in and night out. He is not the typical top four defender that some fans may expect but as a fifth or sixth defenseman he would be a very valuable asset to the team. Berg and Khavanov on the other hand are complete liabilities and are receiving valuable ice time that the young Toronto Maple Leafs prospects deserve. Trade them, waive them, do whatever it takes to dump these two contracts.

Lack of development finally haunting the Leafs!

I have been a Leaf fan since birth and will be until the day I die. However, It is totally evident that the problem the leafs have to day are not the players but the management.

My Realistic 2006 Solution

Too many time I come on here and see teams that people create that wouldnt be realistic in the old NHL nevermind the New one so heres my idea of what JFJ should do for next year.

Why the leafs are so bad

Why are the leafs bad this year? Tons of reasons. Most people believe it is defense, or were too old, which is true, but in my opinion they are way too slow. Pretty much the only leafs that put on the jets when skating down the ice are kaberel and wellwood. So, here are some moves to help the leafs:

A realistic champion in the making!

This season looks to be a loss for the leafs. Its no secret that under the new rules and salary cap, this season they simply cannot compete with they’re division rivals. this offseason looks to be pretty deep with freeagents…they’re going to be harder to land now that the leafs can’t out spend their opponents but with a good GM with a solid plan…who wouldn’t wanna play in a hockey megacity like toronto?

The Toronto Maple Leafs Moves To Make

Since everyone is getting there stab at how they believe they can make the Leafs better, I think it’s my turn to add my little two cents.

My crack at building the Leafs!

All you guys have posted articles as to how you’d build the Leafs, and I’ve often been told I’m the craziest far out Leafs fan, so I’m going to give it a shot.

Following the what leafs should do next season train

Alot of people are saying what has to be done soooo, heres what i think.

1) Dont take Belfours contract let him go and save some money, play telqvist as a starter and bring up aubin as back up, mabye not have a proven goalie but saving the money could get you a d man to help him out because his playing half the game alone back there anyway right now. Drop Rancine and bring up pogge and a veteran goalie, would be nice to get a guy like Sean Burke if not someone with his style, that would help pogge hopefully develop into a star.

Leafs In Desperate Need Of A Trade?

This can only be good news for us leaf fans who want to rebuild. After last nights game in Washington the leafs have lost their third veteran defencmen to an injury. After trying to skate backwards in the 1st period on the pathetic Washington ice, defencemen Ken Klee twisted his ankle.

A ''Quinn''essential Mistake

The biggest problem in Leaf land is not an lack of talent (it is argueable that the Leafs have as many prospects in their system as any other team), it is Quinn’s “loyalty to a fault” to certain players on the Leaf roster, and his refusal to make the tough decisions on behalf of the players.

What the leafs gonna do in the summer?

The leafs havent 1 atleast 1 cup in 30 years how horrible is that well during the offseason they better be working. The leafs have much problems like maybe goaltending and even defence. In the future we will have excellent goaltending becuase were gonna have Pogge, Rask, and Racine in our hands. The leafs should do better.

What Do The Leafs Do?

The Toronto Maple Leafs have not won a cup in 30

years, and at this rate it could be another 30 before it happens again! The Leafs have a number

of problems they need to address in order to fix this
team for the long term, the Leafs could go for a cup
in 2-3 years if they do all of these things: