With the losses of Kovalev and Komisarek, the Habs will be hard pressed to fill the voids. However, by letting Koivu go, as expected, they now have to fill yet another spot down the middle. Gainey and the Habs need to lay to rest the Lecavalier rumors once and for all. To be forgiven for allowing fan favorite Kovalev go, Gainey will have to pull off a miracle….Vinny may be the only miracle for forgiveness in La Belle Provence.

To make room for a big contract like Lecavalier’s, the Habs will not only have to get creative, but also give up something key to their franchise….likely Price. Putting together a deal that would see Lecavalier and Mike Smith come to MTL might have to see the likes of Price, Hamrlik (because of his salary), Subban and O’Byrne (who I would trade for a roll of tape) go. Even with this, the Habs will still need another BIG body in the middle…..Koslov, Gratton or a newly structured, and much cheaper, Sundin for 1 or 2 years may be the solution to resolve the Habs problems. Free agency 2yrs from now has many prospects available to pick up at that point.

To resolve any gaps on defence, the likes of Marc-Andre Bergeron (offensive replacement for past dmen like Souray, Streit and now Schneider) is a cheap and effective alternative. So too would be the like of Kuba or Zubov.

Any chance Gainey reads this and does something?! HAHA. Even better, get the owners to fire him and hire someone with a little insight that will do something.