No More Yashin Benefits Sens

Goodbye Mr. Yashin

With Alexei Yashin being traded to the Islanders for Jason Spezza, the Sens will be benefiting in the long run. Yashin has been a distraction for the team and the fans dislike him. With the newly acquired and fresh Speeza, the Senators will have a super forward for years to come.
After another disappointing playoff this year, Ottawa needs a change. It will take Spezza a few years to develop into a scoring machine and to understand the game better. In the meantime, the team will have to learn to cope with the loss of a bonifide sniper in Yashin.

It will be interesting to see how Spezza develops and whether players like Alfredsson, Hossa, and Bonk can step up their play to another level. The highly touted Hossa has turned out to become an offensive threat night in and out with linemates Bonk and Arvedson. Look for the trio to continue where they left off last season before they were hampered by injuries.

Even without Yashin, the Sens still have a great chance to help the team advance to the playoffs and expect their young stars to outshine the performance they had the previous year. Whether Speeza can step right up right away and contribute to the team in October is another question and may be a better decision for him to take another year in the juniors to develop some more.

The trade also benefits Yashin, who will have another chance with a younger team, but more importantly in a new city with new fans. Alongside Peca as the top two centres, the Islanders will be a threat in the centre position.

By Gordon Lee

Vancouver, BC

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