Leafs would be better off if they signed Nylander going into 2019

One of the leagues best teams this year, the Toronto Maple Leafs will have to make a tough decision in the next week with regards to unsigned young sniper William Nylander. It is well known that the Leafs have set a December the first, 2018 date to either sign with the team or sit out the season. The other option, that remains a possibility is a trade. It would seem a little silly for the Leafs to let Nylander, or his trade value, sit on the sidelines for the entire season when they are having one of the best seasons in years. Websites such as  https://casino-bonus.com/new-casino-sites/ should do odds on if he will sign, how much for or if he will be traded.

NHL.com has reported that the Leafs head coach, Mike Backcock, is optimistic that the player and team will reach some sort of a deal. “”I’m confident, hopeful,” Babcock said before Toronto lost 4-2 at the Columbus Blue Jackets. “I mean Willy loves hockey. I know Willy good, he’s a great teammate and a good person, and he loves hockey. He wants to play hockey. .. So I’m betting on that.”

Thesportingnews.com talks about other examples of salaries that players similar to Nylander have signed. Examples include;


Leon Draisaitl – 8 years – 64 million

David Pastrnak – 6 years – 40 million

Nikolaj Ehlers – 7 years – 42 million.

The other option is to sign a bridge contact. In this case it would be likely that Nylander would sign a 2 or 3 year deal.

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