Oates vs Caps, Poti Highly Tradable, Nucks Trust Cloots?, Potvin Won't Be King f

Oates makes Wilson look ridiculous. Poti learns from Allison. GM Burke seems undecided on the goaltending situation. Potvin displeased with the Kings. It is an unhappy day for some players, should it be?Starting of with Oates, I first thought that Oates was being the immature kid, but now…I agree with Oates.

Wilson stated that he wants to pair Oates with Jagr, knowing that the team needs more depth in Center position. Wilson just made it seem as if nothing has ever happened and that annoyed Oates. First he did not play the number one center, who led the team with Assists, during the playoffs, just put him on the ice when he felt like it. Then he shows the reason by saying that Oates is too old, and he ran out of gas. That has to offend Oates, as the team’s leader, how could it not? Now, Wilson wants Oates to be paired with Jagr? I am glad Oates did not fall for that, both coach Wilson and GM MacPhee are trying to fool Oates by basically showing that they got a super star such as Jagr, for him to play back? Not even a kid would fall for that. Wilson knows that if he wants a top line with Jagr, Oates is the answer to center that line. I realize Oates is not young, but he is a key player to any team…as a top playmaker and as a PP threat. This is Wilson’s fault, and I am with Oates on this one.

Oates might be traded for probably a prospect and a draft pick, it would make most sense for the Caps to do so since they lost three prospects, but it will take some time. Why will it take time? Obviously his age does decrease his value, but GM McPhee would bring his immature kid years back and make Oates “pay” by taking a long time to trade him. If a Cup Contender needs a center, Oates is a must get….maybe this will get GM Ken Holland thinking an equation. Hull+Oates=Cup?

I do not understand these young players at all. For Poti to think so highly of himself after a so-so season is a complete joke and a disgrace. He is only a kid and he expects to be paid a lot more, reminds me of the Leafs and Kaberle. I think all the hold-out players have inspired these youngsters. GM Lowe must realize that Poti will not be a loss for the club if he knows what to get in return. Right now, at this moment, Poti is highly tradable and a team like the Bruins, Islanders, Coyotes, Ducks, and others, would trade for him. Poti is from the Boston area, so that might make it easier for GM Lowe to trade him. Poti still could be signed, don’t get me wrong, but this makes him more valuable. If the Oilers want to keep a clean and fair budget, then they should trade Poti, because he is not worth $800,000 to $900,000 grand a year.

I wish GM Burke could make up his mind now, so we would finally see a goalie trade, but Burke would probably wait to see the waiver draft and how Cloutier will perform during training camp. It is rumored that Jamie McLennan is added as a possible goalie trade, and goalie Mike Fitzpatrick has been invited to training camp. Predator’s young goalie Vokoun still remains as a choice for the Canucks.

GM Dave Taylor has his reasons to not sign Potvin. I understand Potvin had a great playoff performance with the Kings, but after his years of being a failing goalie, Potvin cannot be worth that much. I think this problem is not a money issue, it’s more of a length issue. Potvin might want a long-term contract while Taylor does not want to offer him such a contract. Why? Well, let’s put this in simple words, what if Potvin sucks this season? He is a waste of money then. Taylor is making the right choice by being careful with Potvin, and he is still keeping Storr and Fiset. Obviously, if Potvin and the Kings cannot come to an agreement, then you’ll see Potvin put on the waivers draft or traded normally for a cheap price. Neither Storr nor Fiset are valuable either, Storr being the youngest, but I doubt the Kings will trade Storr. It will a tough choice to make for GM Dave Taylor, supposedly it should be a choice between keeping Fiset or Potvin.

These are minor trade rumors, or basically just news. However, updates of any of these topics will be posted.

Micki Peroni