Oilers and Gagner need to part ways

Gagner is a very good player who still has some unexplored upside, but he simply isn’t the right fit for Edmonton, and vice versa. No team this small up the middle on the top two lines is going to succeed in the Pacific Division. MacT needs to take him aside and say “it’s not you, it’s us,” and give Gagner a chance to succeed in a more conducive environment.

It sucks for Gagner because he’s been here a long time and is committed to the city and the team, but Andrew Cogliano didn’t want to leave, either, and he’s loving it in Anaheim now. Gagner needs the same opportunity — to play on a big team with big wingers who’ll give him more room to flourish. And the Oilers need to stop humming and hawing over whether Gagner is the guy and start searching hard for the big second-line centre who’s vital to their progress.